Jonathan Van-Tam says he wants to get a Boston United FC tattoo

Jonathan Van-Tam says he wants to get a Boston United FC tattoo

February 26, 2021

Jonathan Van-Tam says he wants to get a Boston United FC TATTOO on his left shoulder after ‘pressure’ of pandemic is over – and insists he doesn’t mind ministers calling him ‘JVT’

  • Professor Van-Tam says he wants a Boston United tattoo on his left shoulder
  • Last year he revealed he has a season ticket with the National League North side
  • He added his household regularly chats about the possibility of him being inked 

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam says he is considering getting a tattoo of his beloved Boston United FC once the coronavirus pandemic has passed.

England’s deputy chief medical officer appeared on Good Morning Britain (GMB) this morning with presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

And he had them in stitches when he revealed his family regularly talk about his plan for a little tattoo on his left shoulder in honour of his favourite football team.

He said on GMB: ‘I’m primed for this because I think you’re very clever.

‘I get up at seven o’clock and see what mood you two are in and see how much of a bashing I’m going to get at eight o’clock.

Professor Van-Tam says once the pandemic has passed he plans on getting a Boston United tattoo on his left shoulder

‘Seriously, on tattoos, the subject does come up quite regularly in the Van-Tam household.

‘But it’s about whether, when the moment is right, when all this pressure is finished and maybe I’m in a quieter phase of my career, I’ll have a little left deltoid BUFC (for Boston United Football Club).’

Professor Van-Tam declared his love for the National League North side last May during a daily Coronavirus update.

He said at the time: ‘I’m a devout Boston United season ticket holder and I’m desperate for football to come back.’    

Boston United, in the amber and black shirts, play in the National League North  

Earlier on this morning’s GMB he also revealed he does not mind at all when Government ministers call him by his initials, JVT.

He said: ‘I don’t mind… in actual fact, behind the scenes, everyone calls me JVT.

‘It is just what I’m known as within the whole Government ecosystem, but really going years before that, that’s kind of professionally how I’ve been referred to, and it’s absolutely fine.’

Professor Van Tam was answering questions on Good Morning Britain with Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan  this morning 

Meanwhile during a discussion on vaccines he told the British public there was good evidence they worked against the dominant strains in the UK, including the Kent strain.

And he supports schools reopening on March 8.

He said: ‘Do we have direct data that they’re (the vaccines) [are] going to work against (South) Africa or Brazil? No we don’t.

‘We have some evidence from the clinical trials for some of the vaccines, but until really these vaccines come up against those new variants in large scale, we’ll have to wait for those answers.

‘But I still think they’re going to reduce the likelihood of having severe disease.’

‘We just know that is a fact and most scientists have said very clearly that reopening schools has an effect on R (reproduction number).

‘But, as we’re kind of opening schools in this direction, we are pressing down on the virus in the opposite direction.

‘More and more of our priority cohorts are being vaccinated… and the uptake has been absolutely astonishing, significantly over 90% in all of the groups so far.’

‘We are in a different space now, and I say we’ve got to do it (reopen schools).’

And on the subject of vaccine passports, he said it is ‘not appropriate’ for him to give his own personal view but there are ‘plausible arguments for and plausible arguments against’.

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