John Vos: Expect the unexpected on Pledge Day

John Vos: Expect the unexpected on Pledge Day

December 8, 2018

Every year, 770 CHQR rolls into our all-day radiothon expecting the unexpected. The unexpected occurs when we hear the stories of Calgary charities doing exceptional work — work that most people don’t know about. The 13-hour fundraiser captures the heartwarming stories along with the in-the-trenches work that so many people do in our community.

Let me tell you, they are not in it for the money nor the glory. They’re doing what they do because it’s the right thing.

It’s fascinating to look at all of the different organizations that we’ve helped — it’s really an eye-opener. You sit back and you go, “I didn’t even know these people existed,” and they’re just toiling away, doing what they’re doing. Some are helping individuals with things like lunch programs, some with larger groups with things like summer camps or musical therapy.

We also see how generosity flows in the most unexpected ways.

People who can afford to give, dig deep. The same can be said for those that can’t — they too dig deep.

I always listen in amazement to what can be done in just one day.

I encourage you to listen in to Pledge Day on Dec. 7 for some amazing stories about the charities the Calgary Children’s Foundation helps.

Donate if you can by calling 403-974-8255 or go to and donate online. You can also drop off your donation at Corus Centre at 3320 17 Ave. S.W.

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