It's so horrific I can't take it in myself says ex-wife of vile Bedsit killer

It's so horrific I can't take it in myself says ex-wife of vile Bedsit killer

January 25, 2022

THE family of morgue monster David Fuller were last night in “total shock” as it emerged he could have thousands more victims.

Fuller, 67, this week admitted the 1987 bedsit murders of Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce — as it emerged he filmed himself having sex with 100 female corpses in hospital mortuaries. 

Police sources fear there could be further murder victims and thousands more women who were defiled in morgues where he worked. 

Ex-wife Gill Palmer, 65, was visibly shaken as she told The Sun: “It’s too horrific. I can’t even take it in myself yet. 

“It’s not right on so many levels. It’s just not right. My children can’t talk about it. They’re not in a good frame of mind. 

“What came out has been a total shock. It’s their father you’re talking about.

“They didn’t know the man. I didn’t know the man.”

The couple were married in 1972 and had children Michael, 46, and Sharon, 49. They divorced in the early 1980s.

Mala Fuller, 50, his third wife, yesterday said: “I’m not with him. I couldn’t carry on in that relationship. I’m too upset to even think about what was going on, I couldn’t live with it.

“You can’t imagine how distraught I am.”

She had lived with him in their Heathfield, East Sussex, home for the last 20 years.

It was there that police found his sickening hidden collection of morgue photographs.

Mala added: “I couldn’t stay in that house knowing what he did and what went on in there. I wanted to be alone and want to live my life alone.”

A neighbour spoke of her horror at finding out she had been living opposite a “suburban devil”.

In a bizarre ­co­incidence, the neighbour knew Caroline Pierce, 20, who Fuller killed in 1987.

She said the murder had “haunted her for years” but she moved to Heathfield for a “peaceful new start”. She inadvertently moved in across the road from the man who killed her friend.

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She said: “We were really good friends. Caroline was amazing. Lovely, kind and friendly. When I heard what happened, I was heartbroken. It was pure devastation. 

“When the arrest happened, everything came back. It sickens me that an absolute monster has lived across the road from me. I think he’s killed more.

“There has to be more victims. It broke my heart. He was there all the time. I saw him, looked at him without a clue.

“The killer was living opposite me. I cannot believe it.”

Fuller pleaded guilty on Thursday to murdering Caroline and Wendy Knell, 25, in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The hospital electrician was arrested last December after a DNA breakthrough ended the 33-year hunt for the “Bedsit Killer”.

Then searches of his home uncovered evidence that Fuller had sex with 100 female corpses over 12 years in the mortuaries at the now-closed Kent and Sussex Hospital and its replacement, Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

He had filmed the unspeakable acts — and horrific images of him defiling bodies aged between nine and 100 were found concealed in a box bedroom he had converted into an office. Sentencing was adjourned.

The neighbour added: “He was a bit odd. He wouldn’t talk. But he was just that man who lived there with his wife. The fact he was responsible for the murder of a woman I knew is truly sickening. I’m just appalled.

“Now I know he’s just a sick animal. How could he live there as if everything was normal? He had a good life. He was able to get married and have children. But he deprived those two young women of their futures.”

Other neighbours said Fuller had his blinds shut for 20 years, owned numerous CCTV cameras and made constant car journeys in the early hours. 

He spooked other neighbours by refusing to make eye contact and constantly washing his car. 

One neighbour said: “It’s just terrible to find out a man ­capable of these crimes lived in our little road.

“I rarely said more than a few words to him but he was often out washing his car. Now it gives me a chill down my spine — why was he always washing it?

“Was he getting rid of evidence? It’s a horrible image that I can’t get out of my mind. Everyone is friendly round here but he was always the odd one out. 

“We often heard him driving off at 2am or 3am and now we know where he was going. 

“He’s worse than a monster, he’s a devil. Pure evil.”

Other neighbour said in the 18 years he lived there, the blinds stayed shut, even in summer.

A hospital colleague told The Sun: “David was quiet but pleasant. He’d be given a job and he’d do it. He’d fix a heater or a boiler and that was it.

“He didn’t really mix but people got on with him. All of his colleagues were shell-shocked. It’s beyond words.”

A police source told The Sun: “The Fuller case is still being worked on by a team of detectives who are trying to track down victims’ families.

“There are fears that his morgue victims could run into the thousands and he could potentially have killed others.

“He is without question one of the most evil men in UK criminal history.”

So far, Kent detectives have formally identified 81 of his victims in the mortuary.

They have received around 80 calls to a dedicated phone line.

Anyone with information is urged to call 0800 051 5270.


MPs have called for a public inquiry into how monster David Fuller was able to get into hospital mortuaries to sexually abuse bodies. 

Tory Greg Clark, MP for the Kent town of Tunbridge Wells, where the crimes took place in two hospitals, said: “We must establish that this can never happen again.

“The scale of the abuse raises important questions as to the security of mortuaries, not just in the two local hospitals but for every hospital in the country. One of those hospitals is ‘state of the art’ with top security systems.

“If it can happen there, it can happen elsewhere.”

The Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust has commissioned an independent investigation.

And Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the NHS had ­written to all trusts asking for mortuary access to be reviewed. But Mr Clark insisted: “It’s not sufficient.” MPs backing his inquiry call are Tracey Crouch, Nusrat Ghani, Helen Grant, Huw ­Merriman, Laura Trott, Tom Tugendhat and Helen Whately.

They called the abuse appalling, not least the violation of the body of Azra Kemal, 24, who had died in a crash.

Meanwhile, families of Fuller’s victims have contacted Brighton-based solicitors Dean Wilson. 

 A lawsuit could cost the NHS “millions and millions”.

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