Insulate Britain founder Roger Hallam 'hoards SIX gas guzzling diesel vehicles' on farm as neighbours blast 'hypocrite'

Insulate Britain founder Roger Hallam 'hoards SIX gas guzzling diesel vehicles' on farm as neighbours blast 'hypocrite'

October 6, 2021

EXTINCTION Rebellion's eco-warrior founder has been branded a "hypocrite" for keeping six gas-guzzling vehicles on his farm.

Roger Hallam runs an organic veg business from his home in Carmarthenshire, South Wales.

But the eco-warrior, whose recent comments over Insulate Britain protesters blocking ambulances sparked fury, has been accused of double standards.

Hallam has five diesel vehicles on his farm with two others found in the past, Mail Online reports.

Some of the gas-guzzling cars wouldn't even qualify for London's new ultra low emissions zone.

It is not clear whether he owns the vehicles but neighbours have still been quick to blast him.

One said: "It doesn't actually matter whether he owns them or not. The point is, what are they doing on the farm of somebody who preaches about green energy and the environment?

"The fact that it's an organic farm makes it even more ludicrous. He's a prize hypocrite – what he preaches and what he does are two different things.

"There are diesel vehicles on his farm leaving a carbon footprint and for that to be allowed is a disgrace."

Hallam caused outrage this week when he insisted he would block an ambulance after footage emerged of a woman slamming eco-warriors as her mum was rushed to hospital.

The woman was following her mum in an ambulance when the Insulate Britain protesters held all four corners of London hostage in yet another string of protests.

Speaking to The London Economic podcast, Unbreak the Planet with Mike Galsworthy, the eco-warrior said he would have "stayed there".

And when asked whether he wouldn't have moved if there was someone dying in the ambulance, he simply replied "yes."


Hallam co-founded militant green group Extinction Rebellion before leaving to join Insulate Britain.

But The Sun revealed how Hallam's 2,000 sq ft detached farmhouse has an energy rating of G – the worst possible rating.

It allegedly produces four times the amount of CO2 of an average household.

The eco-firebrand first caused controversy in 2019 when he called the Holocaust “just another f***ery in human history”.

Hallam compared the Nazi murder of six ­million Jews to other massacres — and said we should react to climate change in the same way.

And last year he suggested MPs and business owners "should have a bullet through their heads".

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