Instagramers dislike ‘world’s most famous weather girl’ bikini photos

Instagramers dislike ‘world’s most famous weather girl’ bikini photos

December 8, 2018

‘World’s Sexiest Weather Girl’ claps back at trolls who have criticized her for posting too many racy pictures of her backside on Instagram

  • Yanet Garcia is being criticized by many of her Instagram followers for posting pictures that focus on her backside 
  • The 28-year-old Mexican weather forecaster rose to fame in 2015 when a YouTube channel was dedicated just to her segments
  • Garcia gained more popularity this summer when her boyfriend decided to dump her because he want to devote more time to being an online gamer
  • Fellow Mexican meteorologist Pamela Longoria spoke out against her colleague for showing off her backside to the cameras during live segments

A Mexican television host dubbed ‘The World’s Hottest Weather Girl’ has fought back against trolls who have criticized her for showing off her backside in racy pictures.

Yanet Garcia, 28, a presenter with Televisa, rose to fame in 2015 when a YouTube channel was created just for her weather forecasts. 

In July, Doug Martin, a well-known gamer, dumped her because he said he needed more time to focus on his career. 

But the Monterrey native has drawn ire from some of her 8.3 million Instagram followers for her social media content which has been deemed to be too racy. 

Most of the critics that have flocked to her Instagram account, iamyanetgarcia, are bothered that a sizable amount of her 1,800 images show her scantily-clad.

Mexican TV host Yanet Garcia, who made waves this summer after her boyfriend dumped her because he wanted to dedicate his life to being a video game player, is being criticized for her Instagram pictures that focus on her butt

Instagram followers of the famous Mexican meteorologist are against with her decision to post pictures showing off her butt 

The Mexican model gained gained in 2015 when a YouTube page highlighted all of  her weather forecasts

The Mexican weather forecaster shared a Spanish written caption that says: ‘Use negative criticism as motivation to remain your best version’

On Thursday night, the Mexican model wore a tight pair of grey leggings during workout session where she is seen toning her legs and butt.

She captioned her short video with a message written in Spanish for each of her detractors.

‘Use negative criticism as motivation to remain your best version,’ she wrote. 

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A rival weather forecaster even attacked her during a recent interview, claiming Garcia didn’t need to show of her backside during her segments. 

DailyMail reached out to Garcia for comment. 

The ‘Hoy’ daily morning show host was blasted by a social media follower who criticized her lack intellect after she posted a selfie video on her Instagram account on November 16 that has attracted more than 3.5 million views and over 14,000 comments. 

The ‘World’s Sexiest Weather Girl’ snapped back at her naysayers after adding a caption to a recent workout video that says in Spanish that she will use all the negative critiques to be the best person  she can be

Instagram followers of the Mexican model and weather forecaster are tired of seeing images that focus on her behind 

Yanet Garcia’s male Instagram follower wanted to know why she posted a picture of herself swimming in pool while her butt is above the water

A male social media follower criticized of one the many images the Mexican meteorologist has posted 

Garcia recorded a seconds-long snippet of herself in lingerie laying down on her stomach while showing off her bikini. 

‘Girl without a brain,’ wrote one of her followers. 

Garcia also shared a picture of her going out for a swim before another male Instagram follower snapped back, ‘Why are you posting this?’

According to La Patilla, fellow Mexican weather forecaster Pamela Longoria jumped into the fray in November and criticized her colleague’s decision to show off the backside of her outfits on live television.

‘It’s not my style because we always prefer to be somewhere between being pretty and having something in the brain, so I do not show my back,’ said Longoria, a meteorologist with TeleDiario.

A female Instagram follower showed her support, appreciating her physical condition but dishing out some advice.

‘Your buttocks is very toned but your buttocks is not everything. Talent is what makes people grow.’

Doug Martin, dubbed FaZe Censor on his wildly popular YouTube channel, dumped his glamorous weather girl girlfriend in the summer

Pamela Longoria disagrees with her colleague Yanet Garcia and says that she shouldn’t be showing off her backside  during weather forecast segments

Social media followers and industry colleagues think that Yanet Garcia does not need to show off her backside in order to be successful in her career 

A female follower posts a message in Spanish admiring physique but says that her intellect is what would make her grow as a person

A November selfie video gained Yanet Garcia 3.5 million views and the ire of a male follower on her Instagram who wrote, ‘Girl without brain’, after the 28-yea-old morning show host showed off her butt

The Mexican meteorologist has over 8.3 million followers on her Instagram account




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