Inside the coronavirus quarantine centre in Darwin

Inside the coronavirus quarantine centre in Darwin

February 25, 2020

A sea of hazmat suits, complimentary toiletries and private cabins: Inside Darwin’s coronavirus quarantine centre – as bored evacuees launch campaign for BOOZE

  • Australians quarantined in Darwin camp launched a petition to drink alcohol 
  • A Department of Health spokesman said no alcohol is allowed inside the centre 
  • Footage shows passengers leaving the Qantas flight upon arrival in Darwin
  • Rooms contain a single bed, toiletries and a bathroom for the passengers  

Frustrated Diamond Princess passengers held in quarantine for two weeks following the coronavirus outbreak have launched a petition to drink alcohol. 

Australians quarantined in the Howard Springs camp in Darwin approached staff asking for alcoholic drinks while waiting for their quarantine period to be over. 

One person labelled the evacuees as ‘whingers’ if they couldn’t go for two weeks without an alcoholic beverage.  

Multiple government agencies gather beside buses to take Australian evacuees from the coronavirus-struck cruise ship Diamond Princess on February 20

Australian evacuees from the coronavirus-struck cruise ship Diamond Princess deplane a Qantas flight on February 20

‘There’s only 1 per cent of whingers,’ they told NT News.

‘One lady went around even with a petition. If you can’t go two weeks without a beer, you’ve probably got a problem as far as I’m concerned.’

A Department of Health spokesperson told the publication that no alcohol was allowed on the premises to comply with quarantine conditions. 

‘The quarantine facility has been deemed alcohol-free in line with best practice as alcohol impairs judgment and could compromise people’s adherence to strict quarantine conditions, including the use of personal protective equipment,’ they said. 

The passenger commended the efforts of Qantas staff, cruise ship staff and crew who helped ease the process. 

He said the captain ‘deserved a medal’ for handling the situation perfectly despite the circumstances. 

Upon arrival to the Howard Springs camp in Darwin, passengers are greeted by officials in protective gear (pictured) 

A couple who are also quarantined in the camp have documented their arrival in Darwin.

Their video diary shows them boarding the Qantas flight in Japan surrounded by crew in protective gear and passengers wearing face masks. 

When they arrive in Darwin the couple film passengers in high spirits who can be heard cheering.   

The group then travel to the quarantine centre where they are greeted by staff wearing protective gear. 

The room where passengers are quarantined shows a singular bed with toiletries placed next to it

The room is sparse but it fitted with all the mod cons and evacuees are provided with complimentary water and toiletries 

Upon arrival at the camp, an eerie silence welcomes the couple who film the cabins that will house the evacuees.

The cabins come with a single bed, a television set, toiletries and free water and bathroom with a shower and toilet.  

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Australia is 23. 

Seven Australians who were on the Diamond Princess cruise ship tested positive for the virus.  



January 25

  • Three men aged 43, 53, and 35 who had recently travelled to China are confirmed to have contracted the disease.
  • Two flew in from Wuhan while the other arrived in Sydney from Shenzhen, south China.
  • They were treated in isolation at Westmead Hospital

January 27 

  • A 21-year-old woman is identified as the fourth person to test positive for the illness in NSW.
  • The woman, a student at UNSW, flew into Sydney International Airport on flight MU749 on January 23 and presented to the emergency department 24 hours later after developing flu-like symptoms. 


January 25

  • A Chinese national aged in his 50s becomes the first confirmed case of the coronavirus in Australia.
  • The man flew to Melbourne on China Southern flight CZ321 from Wuhan via Guangzhou on January 19.
  • He was quarantined at Monash Hospital in Clayton in Melbourne’s east.

January 29

  • A Victorian man in his 60s is diagnosed with the coronavirus.
  • He became unwell on January 23 – two days after returning from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak. 
  •  The man was confirmed as positive on January 29 and was subsequently seen by doctors at the Monash Medical Centre.

January 30

  • A woman in her 40s is found to have coronavirus. 
  • She was visiting from China and mostly spent time with her family.
  • She is being treated at Royal Melbourne Hospital.          

    February 1

    • A woman in her 20s in Melbourne is found to have the virus 

     February 22  

    • Two passengers taken off the Diamond Princess cruise ship test positive


    January 29

    • Queensland confirms its first case after a 44-year-old Chinese national was diagnosed with the virus. He is being treated at Gold Coast University Hospital.

    January 30

    • A 42-year-old Chinese woman who was travelling in the same Wuhan tour group as the 44-year-old man tests positive. She is in Gold Coast University Hospital in stable condition.  

    February 4

    • An eight-year-old boy has been diagnosed coronavirus. He is also from the tour group where the other Queensland cases came from    

    February 5  

    • The case was found in a 37-year-old man, who was a member of a group of nine Chinese tourists in quarantine on the Gold Coast

    February 6

    • A 37-year-old woman has been diagnosed with coronavirus from the same travel group that flew to Queensland from Melbourne on January 27
    • Two Queensland women, aged 54 and 55, tested positive for COVID-19 and will be flown to Brisbane for further treatment. 
    • A 57-year-old woman from Queensland also tests positive for the virus  


    February 1

    • A Chinese couple in their 60s who arrived in Adelaide from Wuhan to visit relatives are confirmed to have coronavirus.
    • A 24-year-old woman from South Australia has been transferred to Royal Adelaide Hospital


    February 21

    • A 78-year-old man from Western Australia was transferred to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth

    JAPAN: 15    

    • As of February 15, 47 Australians are among 219 confirmed cases of the coronavirus contracted on board Diamond Princess cruise ship at Yokohama.
    • Two more Australians who were on board tested positive after they were evacuated to Darwin on February 22  


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