I’m the world’s tallest man and I want a Russian bride… they love ‘hot’ blokes

I’m the world’s tallest man and I want a Russian bride… they love ‘hot’ blokes

December 22, 2021

THE world’s tallest man has reportedly travelled to Moscow in a fresh bid to find a new bride who can “adore him forever.”

Sultan Kosen, from Turkey, is the tallest man on earth according to the Guinness World Records, towering over the rest of us at a whopping height of 8 feet 3 inch.

He previously revealed that as a youngster he had a tumour affecting his pituitary gland that caused him to suffer from gigantism and acromegaly.

And although admitting it sometimes cause him some difficult and discomfort, including challenges posed by his huge hands and feet, he eventually got used to being so tall.

However, the now 39-year-old says one of his biggest challenges has been his lovelife.

In 2013, 8'3 Kosen married 5’9 Syrian Merve Dibo – who was some 10 years his junior.

But during interviews, he suggested that they struggled was communication, as he spoke Turkish whereas his wife only spoke Arabic.

The marriage lasted several years until a recent divorce rendered the gentle giant single.

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But, this month Kosen revealed that his quest for love had taken him to Moscow as "Russian woman in love will adore her man forever."

He said he heard that Russian women possessed “incredible beauty” and a “loving soul” and decided he wanted a bride for whom he could share children.

Speaking on Monday on the Russian show 'Let Them Speak', Kosen suggested that the promise of financial security would make him an attractive proposition to potential lovers.

“It should be easy. I can provide well and do not need money,” he told the network channel.

“I would like to take my wife back to Turkey. I live in a historical place, in the southeast, but quite far from the sea."

He added: “I heard that Russian women love hot, polite men. It should be easy!”

The Sun last caught up with the tall Turk in 2018 as he met up with the world’s shortest man – 1ft 9in Chandra Bahadur Dangi.

Kosen was first measured in his native Turkey in 2011 and was the first to be measured by Guinness in over 20 years, according to their official website.

Guinness World Records only has 10 confirmed people in history to reach 8 ft or more.

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