I'm a psychic who 'predicted Covid' – my eight predictions for 2023 include major destruction | The Sun

I'm a psychic who 'predicted Covid' – my eight predictions for 2023 include major destruction | The Sun

December 13, 2022

A PSYCHIC who claims to have predicted Covid has revealed his eight forecasts for 2023 – including a helping of major destruction.

Nicholas Aujula, 37, says he has correctly envisioned a host of significant events since discovering his alleged abilities as a child.

The astrologer first hit the headlines after predicting an "influenza disaster" would devastate the globe in 2019 – a prophecy he now believes foretold the Covid-19 outbreak.

He claims he also correctly bet that Donald Trump would lose the US election before the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020.

Nicholas also has his spooky forecasts of the Notre-Dame fire, Meghan and Prince Harry's Oprah interview and Kim Kardashian's divorce under his belt.

The 37-year-old, from South London, now wants to warn the world of what he believes will be on the cards for next year.


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Among A-list anguish, a slump for the royal family and a political crisis, Nicholas bizarrely suggests Brits are in for quite a bashing.

He claims to have had concerning visions depicting a horrific blaze engulfing a royal palace or presidential building – hinting that the public could stage a coup to oust leaders.

The psychic's barmy claims centre around diplomacy and democracy, while he also threw in a sporting triumph for the UK.

Nicholas explained: "I think the royal family's income and popularity will go down. 

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"So they may sell their properties, or they may turn something into a hotel, or they will have to diversify."

He also outlandishly warned that King Charles could face some health woes, that may affect "his heart or circulation."

The astrologer went on to insist that hard times will continue to plague the British public for several years, as he predicts the cost of living crisis will linger for much longer than hoped.

He continued: "I think the economic decline is going to be very long term and could be something that lasts six or seven years.

"I think the worst will come at the end of the decade, we'll go into recession, and things will get better, then we'll have another. 

"I think there'll be a double recession globally. As a result, we'll see many job losses and companies closing down."

Nicholas alleged that the constant catastrophes will inevitably affect the government – and that more scandals, similar to those seen this year, will unearth themselves during a summer of discontent.

The 37-year-old said: "I feel that the Conservative Party will have another crisis in the summer, between June and August."

However, he promises it's not all doom and gloom – as Nicholas claims Brits will be celebrating an esteemed cycling win in 2023.

He explained: "I see someone with a British flag on a bike that's broken some kind of record."

The psychic, who realised his "gift" at age 17, forecasts yet another dramatic year for celebrities – including an almighty all-male row at a film festival or award show.

Nicholas says 2023 will spell heartache for Madonna, who will be rocked by "some form of sorrow".


"I feel like she's going to be having a tough year ahead of her," he said.

And just like the royals, Queen Bey isn't immune to challenges in the new year either, as the astrologer predicts trouble ahead.

He claimed: "I feel like Beyonce is going through a bit of a change and a transition in her life and she could question her relationship."

But the Brit envisions public figures also using their platforms for good, by raising awareness about testicular cancer.

Nicholas added: "All I could see was The Full Monty. It sounds quite light-hearted, but it was actually to raise awareness about testicular cancer."

The London-born astrologer says that he struggles to silence the logical side of his brain after experiencing a vision and admits he too "can be sceptical" of what he claims to see.

He explained: "I think it's good to do that. It's good to be rational. It's good to be logical at times as well.

"So, if there are sceptical people out there, then good for them. We need a blend of intuitive, political and ethical sides."

Nicolas, who believes he was an Egyptian queen and a lion in his past lives, claimed he had a bizarre experience as a teen that informed him of his otherworldly talents.

He said: "I had this almost out-of-body experience and I was able to see several of my past lives.

"I fell into a trance state. And I think that was a real turning point because that's when I left school and trained as a hypnotherapist in regression therapy."

The 37-year-old says he now has regular visions, which he says offer him an "element of comfort" as he has a sense of what lies ahead.

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However, his predictions often fall on deaf ears as sceptics struggle to believe in his psychic abilities.

Nicholas said: "On the other hand, we can't change it because no matter how much I told people, people's behaviour didn't change."


– Visions of palace or presidential building on fire, which could be symbolic of people wanting a change in who is in power

–  Royal family's popularity and "income" will decline

– King Charles will experience health issues

– Cost of living crisis will continue for the long term 

– The Conservative Party will suffer a crisis in the summer 

– Madonna will experience some kind of "sorrow"   

– Beyonce could question her relationship 

– British cyclist will break some kind of record 

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