Illinois boy beats the #getthatmoneychallenge to win a free toy

Illinois boy beats the #getthatmoneychallenge to win a free toy

June 12, 2019

‘Should’ve known better than to try to get one over on my son’: Boy surprises mom when he catches falling bank card against a wall with his head to win a toy in bizarre #getthatmoneychallenge video

  • Tami Luth from Lockport, Illinois filmed her son James Jr. as he attempted the #getthatmoneychallenge
  • The game involves a child standing close to a wall and trying to catch a bankcard with their head to win a toy of their choosing 
  • Often after parents drop the bankcard above their child’s head, they miss and headbutt the wall instead
  • But Luth’s son struck lucky and was able to stop the card from hitting the floor, winning him a Lego set 

An Illinois boy has beaten the bizarre #getthatmoneychallenge where kids try to catch a bankcard against a wall with their head to win a toy. 

Tami Luth, from Lockport, never expected her son James Jr. to manage the feat while filming him, promising that he could have ‘any toy’ he wanted if he was successful.

The challenge sees a child stand close to a wall or door, then when the parent drops their bankcard they have to stop it from hitting the ground with their head.

More often than not, the unusual game involves the child headbutting the wall and completely missing the card and their chance of a gift.

James Jr. (above) can’t believe his mom Tami Luth will buy him ‘any toy’ if he manages to beat the #getthatmoneychallenge and lines-up ready for the attempt (right) 

In a shocking surprise to mom Luth, her son James Jr. (above) managed to catch the Chase bankcard with his forehead, pressing hard so he doesn’t drop it

As Luth and her son barter in the video from June 1, he excitedly quizzes ‘you’ll let me pick?’ before the mom agrees but reiterates, ‘no hands, just your forehead, ready?’ 

But in a surprise move, as her Chase bankcard falls, the lucky lad manages to hold it against the wall, much to his mom’s amazement as she giggles, ‘Oh, f***.’

‘I should’ve known better than to try to get one over on my son. He’s good at everything! He definitely got a toy too,’ Luth wrote on social media.  

Later she reveals online that ‘thankfully’ instead of a ‘trampoline’ or ‘swing-set’ that some users suggested the boy should choose, James Jr. instead opted for a Lego set. 

Luth (left) filmed her son (right) as he attempted the #getthatmoneychallenge – a craze that sees children try to catch a bankcard between their heads and a wall

Tami Luth (left) promised to let her son (right) choose ‘any toy’ he wanted if he could beat the #getthatmoneychallenge – little did she know he would do it

The video was posted with the hashtags #epicfail and #imgoingbroke.

In response to other comments Luth jested, ‘I’m mad’ and ‘Great timing… I think he calculated it using some kind of formula.’ 

Others have been delighted by the boy’s success, with Michelle Daniels writing on Facebook: ‘Winner winner Chicken Dinner! Give that boy his toy!’

Irene Newberry commented: ‘Haha looks like he gets what he wants. Love this!’ 

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