‘Idiots’ clamber over 2,000 tons of fallen rock at Broadchurch cliff

‘Idiots’ clamber over 2,000 tons of fallen rock at Broadchurch cliff

August 13, 2019 By mediabest

‘Idiot’ beachgoers ignore warnings to clamber over 2,000 tons of fallen rock beneath unstable 150ft cliffs from ITV drama Broadchurch

  • Coastguard safety warnings aim to ward people away for the huge rock fall 
  • But people are clambering over it, placing themselves under unstable cliff 
  • This is despite a huge yellow sign being placed next to the dangerous spot 

These shocking photos show foolish beachgoers putting themselves in danger by clambering over a huge rock fall beneath unstable cliffs.

Several people ignored coastguard safety warnings by inspecting the 2,000 tonnes of rock that had previously slipped without warning from the 150ft cliff at West Bay, Dorset.

One man, in shorts and a t-shirt, almost made it to the top of the 40ft pile of debris while searching for fossils.

Fool-hardy fossil hunters have been clambering over the dangerous rock fall in Dorset, which itself is sat at the bottom of an unstable cliff that could crumble further onto those who scale the mound 

Locals have slammed people who clamber up the fall (pictured) despite a huge warning sign at the site 

The cliffs – immortalised in the TV show Broadchurch – attract tourists who seem intent on ignoring the enormous warning sign 

It nearly ended in disaster for him, as at one point he slipped before regathering his balance in the nick of time.

In another alarming photo, a young child is sat under the sandstone cliffs which are prone to sudden rockfalls at any time.

An enormous yellow sign has been put up to warn people to ‘keep clear of the cliffs’, but this seems to have done nothing to deter them from putting their lives at risk.

Shocked photographer Graham Hunt said: ‘I thought “what an idiot”. Does he think he is macho doing that?

‘He slipped and lost his balance at one point. I think he was searching for fossils. He was not the only person. There were other people scrambling over the rock fall.

‘You have to walk past a giant sign warning people to stay away from the cliffs. Why do they think it’s there? Do they not think it could apply to them?

‘It only takes a small rock fall and if someone is in the wrong place at the wrong time that’s the end of it. It was madness, absolutely ridiculous.’

The cliffs will be familiar to fans of Broadchurch as they featured in the hit ITV crime drama.

The actions of those scrambling up the rock fall have been branded ‘madness’ and ‘ridiculous’ by people who live in the area 

In 2012, tourist Charlotte Blackman died near the spot when she was buried under a rockfall.

The photos, which were taken at 6pm yesterday, have prompted a renewed safety warning from the coastguard.

Jake Lanning, of West Bay Coastguard, said: ‘There is very clear signage on the beach and at the base of the cliffs which clearly states “Danger Rockfalls, Keep Clear of Cliffs, Serious Risk of Injury or Death”.

‘Coastal erosion that can cause rock falls, landslides and mudslides is a natural part of this environment, and these can happen at any time and without warning.

‘It’s the unpredictability of these dangers which poses the greatest risk to the public, and people have lost their lives in the area of coastline where these pictures were taken.

‘This rockfall is strewn with very large boulders and loose material.

‘It would not take a lot of force for one of these boulders to become dislodged and cause serious injury.

‘Our advice is very simple, stay well away. Admire it from a distance but keep yourself safe and keep your family safe.’ 


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