I got revenge on petty neighbour with ugly 50ft privacy screen after they tried to get me fined for my see-through fence | The Sun

I got revenge on petty neighbour with ugly 50ft privacy screen after they tried to get me fined for my see-through fence | The Sun

June 2, 2023

A WOMAN has told how she erected an "ugly" 50ft wide privacy screen in her garden to get revenge on her petty neighbours.

TikTok user Norse-Gael Hobbit claimed the people living next door to her have a long-standing vendetta against her due to her chainlink fence.

She explained the rude residents have been repeatedly reporting her to the city council in Ontario, Canada, over the disagreement.

Her neighbours complain that they have no privacy due to the style of her fencing, as the gaping holes effectively make it see-through.

The mum admitted she is often in her garden working on projects and sometimes burns her scrap wood for heat.

But this hasn't sat well with other locals, with the TikTok user saying they have been hellbent on getting her fined for her fencing.


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So although she agreed to appease by-law enforcers from the council who instructed her to "create privacy",she got a bit creative.

Instead of swapping out her chainlink fence, she attached a gigantic privacy screen to it – but it's hardly a work of art.

The social media user explained she only did it to "shut up" her nuisance neighbours and intended for it to be an eyesore.

She said in a TikTok video: "Put up this 50-foot privacy screen on our ugly chainlink fence in our side yard today.

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"I have a**hole nosy neighbours in my village who hate that I am poor and use scrap wood to do projects and burn for heat.

"They have been reporting me to by law for years because my fence is see-through, hoping I'll get fined.

"I hope they hate it. I hope they think it's ugly. I hope it burns their a**. That bylaw told me to find a way to create privacy to shut them up."

The mum even boasted that she had been given the owners of a local cafe offered to give her the makeshift privacy screen for free after she explained her predicament.

Most people were left stunned that the fence row had escalated so much, while others applauded the woman's wicked imagination.

One wrote: "Got to love our backwards laws. If THEY didn't like it, THEY should have put up a fence."

Another said: "Looks great, great solution too."

A third joked: "Good girl! When you are able, take those scrap wood pieces and create a fence but on the side facing them put googly eyes on to stare at them."

And a fourth shared a series of clapping emojis while simply dubbing the idea: "Genius."

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