‘I actually wondered if a bomb had gone off’: What readers said about the earthquake

‘I actually wondered if a bomb had gone off’: What readers said about the earthquake

September 22, 2021

A magnitude 6 earthquake gave was felt across the state on Wednesday morning, and as far afield as Sydney and Canberra. Here are readers’ experiences:

“I live in Yarralumla, ACT and was sitting at my desk. I saw my screens shake, my coffee table shake and I felt the walls shaking. I thought there were idiots downstairs doing ‘home renos’ or something and then I was contacted by a colleague in Melbourne who said there had been an earthquake felt all over Victoria and had I felt it. No damage here apart from further damage to my psyche and mental state. My family is in Victoria and each day I’m not allowed to see them, with all this chaos happening around us, breaks me a little more. What more can we all take?” – Shannon

“Earthquake was felt in Wagga Wagga NSW.” – Anna

“I was FaceTiming the Doctor and we both said ‘earthquake!’ My daughter said she thought it was a mole burrowing into her room – she reads a lot of fairytales! My son hid under his bed because he is ‘trained for this.’ It’s some excitement and something new to think about during school holidays without even homeschooling to entertain the kids.” – Lisa

“Unbelievable, I was in a web ex when my co-workers starting yelling earthquake! My youngest, 10-year-old, came out & we got under the kitchen table. It lasted for about 25 seconds, it felt like being in a rocking boat? Very strange, pot plants were swaying and our dinner plates were rattling.” – Chris

“Here in Brunswick West around 9:00 am there was a loud rumble and the wall shook. I’ve never experienced anything like that before.” – Loi Luc

“I was working from home and my desk and the walls in my room started shaking. No visible damage to the house, but the tremor scared the hell out of me.” – Chris

“Felt like our three-storey house was going to collapse. Photos and glass jars fell off shelves and smashed. I’m in the Dandenong Ranges and at first I thought a tree had come down on the house. A duck on our pool fence fell into the pool!” – Dom

“Felt it in Tumbarumba – windows and doors shook, crockery rattled – the earth moved for me.” – Bill

“Here at the Royal Melbourne Hospital we felt it very much and all the medications were falling off the shelf. We thought it was a construction underground.” – George

“I felt a pressure wave in the room. I thought it was the air con which was on or someone had opened a window and a gush of air came in. The sensation then changed to the sound of something on the roof, and in that instant I saw a plant shake and my legs moving with the ground.” – Khalad

“Very strong in South Yarra. Our large 1930s apartment building rumbled and shook with paintings swinging from walls and things rattling – and that was on the first floor. I’m from NZ originally and that was the strongest I felt in years.” – Markus

“I was standing at my desk doing some work from home in Eltham. My desk was shaking as was my mug of tea, like I was on a boat. The windows rattled and the house shook for about 10 seconds. I grew up in NZ, so I’m used to them, but this was a long rolling tremor. Birdlife is only just coming back now.” – John

“I live in Maroubra NSW and felt my building shake. I knew straight away it was an earthquake but didn’t know it was in Melbourne.” – John

“I was getting my morning coffee at Swan Bay on the Bellarine Peninsula when the earthquake hit. My barista said, ‘did the earth move for you’?” – Gary

“I live in East Keilor. Initially I thought it was just the wind – as my upstairs is lightweight construction and I live on top of a hill so it does get noisy in the wind. I looked out and couldn’t see trees moving. Then I thought it was the washing machine. I looked outside I could see the ground moving. It was really terrifying – I actually wondered if a bomb had gone off and was going to go into the basement which is probably the worst thing I could do. Then it stopped – and I realised it was an earthquake. I checked my house – fortunately only really minor crack in ceiling in one room.” – Gerald

“I was doing a PT session and thought I was hallucinating that the ground was moving because I was so tired.” – Tahlia

“Felt at Thredbo, NSW, no damage but our home shook for a few seconds.” – Gary

“We live in central Wodonga. House rattled and shook, nothing fell or broke, felt like the washing machine went berserk. Still have water and power.” – Don

“I jumped out of my office to try to protect my new tv ahead of watching the Dees this Saturday. My partner wasn’t impressed.” – Munashe

“I was working and suddenly whole house started shaking, and a few things fell off the shelf in my room. I’ve been in Melbourne over 20 years and have felt a few quakes over the years; and this one is by far the worst.” – Mark

“House shook like a plane was about to land on the roof. Back room I was working in has a lot of plates and items on shelves which all shook but there was no damage to the house. Was definitely the strongest earthquake I have ever experienced.” – Christopher

“I thought I had vertigo but the clothes horse was shaking. Ballarat.” – Narelle

“It was really terrifying – I actually wondered if a bomb had gone off…

“Our house shook for about 10 seconds, crockery rattled and it was proceeded by a kind of a deep boom – Belgrave Victoria.” – Rob

“We felt it in the Otways, enough that my computer screen was shaking around – I lived in Japan for quite a while so it was a bit nostalgic really. My partner was on a call to someone in Melbourne at the time so we knew in real time it was happening there, seemed to be about a 30-second lag before it reached us here which was quite interesting!” – Ian

“We felt it on the Mornington peninsula. My daughter said she felt her whole room wobble like it was on a balance beam.” – Laura

“I felt the quake in Trentham VIC. Lasted 20 secs- building shook and windows rattled.” – Kerry

“I thought it probably was an earth tremor but I’ve never heard a boom before. Definitely the biggest I’ve experienced. I’m 60 in Melbourne.” – Christine

“Wife took my 92-year-old mother in law and all went outside for several minutes. No damage in our home though.” – Mark

“Our old pendulum wind up clock stopped at the moment of the quake. The shaking was enough to stop its momentum.” – Geoff

“Hornsby, NSW, 10 levels above ground level. Felt like my chair was moving from side to side and vision was like everything was a bit out of focus causing a sensation like motion sickness.” – Anonymous

“I’m in Geelong West and my home shook giving me quite a shock.” – Bruce

“Wollongong, NSW. Office building shook. Desk rattled.” – Steve

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