Hunt for woman dumping DOG POOP in mailboxes of Trump supporters and defacing MAGA signs

Hunt for woman dumping DOG POOP in mailboxes of Trump supporters and defacing MAGA signs

September 17, 2020

POLICE are searching for a woman who is reportedly dropping dog poop into the mailboxes of local Trump supporters.

The public safety department in Hampden, Maine, has asked for the public's help identifying the woman who is suspected of dumping the unwanted deliveries earlier this week.

The woman, seen riding a bicycle while wearing a purple top and purple crocs in the image shared by the public safety department, was reportedly targeting houses that had Trump signs on their lawns.

She's also reportedly been vandalizing the signs in other ways.

"She has been picking up dog feces and putting it in mailboxes, specifically of people who have Trump signs outside and she has been also defacing Trump signs, writing comments on the signs," Alyshia Canwell, a patrol officer with Hampden Public Safety, told local station WGME.

Canwell said that defacing political advertisements is a crime, as is putting feces into someone's mailbox.

The department of public safety shared an image of the culprit to Facebook, and said that she was seen in the area of Constitution Avenue around noon on Sunday and Monday.

They asked that anyone who has any information about the woman contact the police department.

Police said at least three homeowners in the area found the unpleasant surprises in their mailboxes, according to WABI.

Hampden police officer Monic Christian said that the person responsible could be hit with a number of charges.

"There's trespass," she told WABI. "Under federal law, you are not supposed to tamper with anyone's mailbox."

"Just let people display whatever is right and respect that," she added.

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