Hundreds of revellers dressed as Father Christmas dance the night away

Hundreds of revellers dressed as Father Christmas dance the night away

December 9, 2018

They’ll be on the naughty list! Hundreds of raucous revellers dressed as Father Christmas dance the night away in Trafalgar Square as annual SantaCon pub crawl across the world descends into mayhem

  • Drunken revellers dressed up as Santa caused chaos as they descended on the streets of London for Santacon
  • People from cities around the world also celebrated the tradition as they dressed up as Father Christmas
  • Participants paraded the streets, climbed on top of statues, took selfies and even threw Christmas trees 
  • Santacon originated in San Francisco and invites people to ‘join the naughty list’ and down drinks in cities

Hundreds of merry drinkers dressed up as Father Christmas caused mayhem on the streets of London as they partied into the night in an annual pub crawl to raise money for charity. 

Drunken festive revellers took to Trafalgar Square during Santacon and were spotted sitting on top of the famous lion statues, clambering on Nelson’s Column and drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

The streets were filled with boozy Santas dressed in bright red costumes as they caused chaos in central London on the fancy dress pub crawl – but it was all for a good cause.

This year Santacon London is supporting Christmas for Kids, a small London based charity who devise and perform multi-sensory and interactive shows for free at children’s hospices.

Describing itself as ‘a non-profit, non-political, non-religious and non-sensical’, the parade that originated in San Francisco invites people to ‘join the naughty list’ and down drinks in bars and open spaces.

And people in cities all over the world also spread Christmas cheer as they celebrated the tradition. Santas were spotted in Los Angeles, New York City, Madrid and Glasgow as they dressed up, took selfies, paraded the streets – and even took part in a Christmas tree throwing competition. 

A drunken reveller drinks a can of lager as he sits on top of the famous bronze lion statue in Trafalgar Square, London, as chaos descends on the streets of London during the annual Santacon

Trafalgar Square was packed with hundreds of revellers dressed up as Father Christmas as they took part in the festive pub crawl

Two men appear to have lost their trousers as they stand amid cans and bottles of alcohol left from the partygoers spreading Christmas cheer

Crowds of people dressed up as Santas gather and one man appears to join the naughty list as he clambers his way up Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square

Drunken Santas perch on the famous lion statue in Trafalgar Square in London as they drink and party deep into the night 

Two Santas looked a little worse for wear as the Santacon drew to a close after a night of drinking in the centre of London

Around 8,000 people dressed as Father Christmas descended on the streets of glasgow to take part in a run to raise money for Beatson Cancer

A grinch is spotted among a sea of Santas in Glasgow as they take part in the annual run for charity through the streets of the Scottish city

A man dressed up as baby Jesus in a Moses basket graces the streets of New York city as thousands of revellers take part in the parade

A woman dressed up as the grinch walks in the parade on the streets of New York City (left). A woman takes a boozy approach as she dresses up as Santas reindeer (right)

People in Los Angeles get creative with their costumes during the annual Santacon. One woman is dressed as a Chritsmas tree, while another man wears a jumper that says ‘get lit’

A woman throws a Christmas tree during Santacon in Los Angeles, California, which brings out the good and the bad Santas

A woman dressed up in a Santa outfit launches a Christmas tree into the air during the competition as part of Santacon in Los Angeles

A Man dressed as Santa’s elf, complete with striped tights and a sack of presents, walks around the streets of Los Angeles 

Hundreds of people in Madrid as they gather at the starting line to take part in a charity run around the Spanish capital

Revellers in Madrid, Spain, dressed up as Santa ready to take part in a morning run around the city in the annual Santa race

Alcohol flowed freely as thousands of merry Santas took to the streets of London today to mark SantaCon – and these two decided to relieve themselves in some bushes

Hundreds of Santas fill a street in Brixton, south London, and a couple merry participants raise their drinks into the air

Two men, one wearing sunglasses, take a selfie of their Santa outfits and white-sprayed beards in Brixton, south London

A bus drives through a massive group of Santas, and a few elves dressed in green, who are wearing festive hats and tinsel

A woman sips on her drink (left) during the annual pub crawl while a man (right) wears a costume with a funny modern twist 

Participants in Santa costumes meet in Brixton, south London, before making their way through the streets of London

A woman on crutches, several merry Santas and a lone elf, walk pass a row of Christmas trees as they take part in festivities

A woman holds up her wine glass and others cheer as Santcon participants make their way down an escalator at Brixton tube

Two Santas take a drinking break to play on the swings together while a friend pushes them in Pedlars Park in Vauxhall

A man wears a turkey costume (left) to stand out from the crowd of Santas while a woman (right) swings from a lamppost 

Two female Santas push their drinks in a shopping trolley at Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park in south London

A woman adds accessories to her costume by wearing a tinsel tree hat, jingle bell glasses and glittery snowflake earrings 

One man ditches the Santa theme and dresses up as a gold Christmas tree bauble for the day of festive fun in London

Four Santas and two reindeers take a moment to relieve themselves on the wall of the Imperial War Museum

A participant dressed up in a suit, hat and white beard drinks a beer in Brixton before setting off for the pub crawl   

Two people take a picture of the huge crowd of Santas outside of King’s Cross station today

Two friendly female Santas joining in on the fun with Santa and his helpers having fun around Euston Station and Bloomsbury

These Santas struggle to control their ‘reindeer’ as they take part in SantaCon near Euston Station in London earlier today

Santa pile-up! Everyone that took part in today’s SantaCon in London seemed to be in high spirits, as shown by these Santas

The happy Santas marked the day in several hilarious ways, including this female Santa who decided to wear an inflated outfit

Thousands of people dressed up as Santa, Elves, Reindeer and Christmas Trees and took part in a chairty pub crawl for SantaCon

This Santa decided to put his own twist on the classic white beard, decorating his face with baubles and fairy lights

Thousands of people in Santa costumes descended on Trafalgar Square, London, as they took part in Santacon London 2018

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