Horrifying video shows huge Ikea bookcase TOPPLE OVER onto toddler twins – The Sun

Horrifying video shows huge Ikea bookcase TOPPLE OVER onto toddler twins – The Sun

June 25, 2020

HORRIFYING new video shows the moment an Ikea bookcase toppled over and crushed two toddler twins.

A baby camera in Nicole Oka’s home in California captured what happened to the two-year-olds on June 3.

The video shows the twins climbing on the bookcase in their bedroom after being put to bed.

Soon, the bookcase can be seen crashing down on them — despite Oka believing the dresser was screwed into the wall.

The kids are heard screaming and soon, the children’s parents rush in to get them.

Oka told USA Today: “I remember being so afraid of this happening. It felt like a very real thing that could happen to me.”

“My babies could have died,” the mother said. “I did everything right. I did everything I should have.”

Oka told Metro what happened was “traumatic” and said she ran to the children as soon as what saw the incident on the baby camera.

The mother and her husband, Dan, bought the bookcase in 2017 and said they understood it could be a potential hazard — so they bought brackets to keep it flat against the wall.

Ikea spokesperson Hanna Bengtsander said in a statement that the company was investigating what happened.

“We are currently reviewing the video involving the Brimnes bookcase and need more time to get a better understanding of the details,” she said, adding they couldn’t provide further comment at the time.

According to USA Today, at least 459 children have died from furniture tip-over accidents since 2000.

Ikea dressers specifically have caused at least five deaths since 2014, per the report.

In 2017, Ikea recalled 17.3million dressers that didn’t meet the required safety standards, and acknowledged the fact.

In 2019, Ikea sold another dresser that didn’t meet the voluntary stability standard for 16 weeks before it was recalled in March.

The dresser that fell on the twins earlier this month, according to USA Today, was recalled in 2016.

The Brimnes bookshelf was over six feet high and included two drawers at the bottom, with four shelves.

In January, Ikea agreed to pay $46million to the parents of Jozef Dudek, a two-year-old boy who died in 2017 after a 70-pounds recalled dresser tipped over onto him.

The boy died of his injuries and his parents sued Ikea, accusing the Swedish company of knowing the specific dresser posed a hazard, but that the company failed to warn consumers about it.

The Dudek family said they would donate $1million from the settlement to organizations that advocate for more rigorous stability testing for dressers.

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