Horrifying pictures show Popeye’s worker making chicken sandwiches on top of TRASH CAN – The Sun

Horrifying pictures show Popeye’s worker making chicken sandwiches on top of TRASH CAN – The Sun

January 27, 2022

A POPEYE'S worker has been photographed making chicken sandwiches on top of a trash can.

Disturbing photos taken on Friday at the Fairfax, Virginia, branch of the fast food chain show the food being prepared on a tray which is resting on top of the bin.

The pictures show a worker, who has not been identified, wearing plastic gloves as they seem to spread mayo or relish on the buns near to the chicken and can be seen in full view of the customers.

The restaurant owner told TMZ a new table had been ordered to make the sandwiches.

He also claimed the outlet had only been open a few days when the photos were taken and he had been understaffed when a huge order for 100 of the meals arrived.

The owner also claimed the trash can the tray was resting on was empty.

A Popeye's spokesman said: “We are aware of the incident, and the actions that took place clearly do not meet our standards for food service and preparation.

“We have already addressed the situation with the restaurant owner who is looking into the matter.”

The Louisiana Kitchen chicken chain only reintroduced its popular chicken burger on November 3, three months after it first sold out.

Earlier this month a Popeyes customer was stabbed to death in a row over the chain’s chicken sandwich.

The hungry fast food fan was said to have been fatally knifed in Oxon Hill, Maryland, as fights broke out across the US.

Tensions have boiled over at multiple restaurants as the US chain restocked its hugely popular chicken sandwich after it sold out for two months.

The $3.99 meal, which comes in classic and spicy, debuted for the first time in August and proved such a hit it led to long lines and fist fights.

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The sandwich – which comes in classic and spicy formats – sold out at its 2,400 US outlets in just two weeks.

Recently a Popeye's worker body-slammed a female customer after complaining she had been charged twice for a chicken burger.

Shocking video shows Popeye's employee Deriance Ra'Shaiel Hughes, 29, charging in to Debra Staggs at the food chain’s Louisiana Chicken restaurant in Columbia, Tennessee.

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