Holiday warning over why you should NEVER buy drinks from Spain beach sellers and why you could be fined | The Sun

Holiday warning over why you should NEVER buy drinks from Spain beach sellers and why you could be fined | The Sun

June 9, 2023

URGENT holiday advice has been issued about buying drinks from beach hawkers at a tourist hotspot in Spain.

The alarming claims come after a Brit warned tourists could face massive fines if cops caught them buying dodgy street liquor in Benidorm.

The man took to TikTok and filmed an informational clip about the present dangers at Spain's beloved party beaches.

Footage showed men in blue shirts walking around with trays of delicious cocktails.

But @Frankthestagman quickly warned "those people were trouble".

He said: "Right, you can probably see those guys off in the distance there walking around with drinks in their hands.


Illegal booze sellers flogging potentially deadly ‘dirty cocktails’ to Brits in Benidorm jailed after mass brawl

Brits are risking their lives by downing ‘dirty’ cocktails from illegal beach sellers in Benidorm

"Those drinks right are prepared on the streets, they are prepared on the boots of cars and then they walk around trying to sell them to people.

"It looks tempting but remember when you buy them – you don't know what you are getting and also if you do, you are liable to fined heavily."

The drinks are reportedly prepared in horrendously dirty conditions, with fruit cut up in floors, doorways and even on car tyres.

The unlicensed hawkers are also thought to be using substandard alcohol to make the drinks.

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He added: "You have got to be so careful.

"Like I said, if the police catch you will be fined."

The Brit warned it was not worth the risk.

He said: "The police don't seemed to be too bothered about catching people for it, but it's like sticking the finger up at them.

"And look, the beach clubs are only a 30 seconds walk away from here so there really is no excuse to get yourself a proper drink.

"So when they pass just say 'no thank you' and if you really want a drink just zip over to a beach club and get it in a plastic cup."

The video has thousands of views, with other travellers chipping in with their hot tips.

"The answer to this is just don't go to Benidorm," a TikTok user said.

"Are there no signs on the beach anywhere that say no drinks or tell you about the fines… seems unfair," one added.

"Seen them making the drinks in a dirty doorway – would never buy them," another remarked.

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