Hilarious moment cops are left chasing escaping goat in Florida

Hilarious moment cops are left chasing escaping goat in Florida

April 25, 2022

Kidstone cops! Hilarious moment officers chase runaway goat around Florida housing complex

  • The Tallahassee Police Department shared a Youtube video of the April 20 chase
  • Body camera footage of the incident shows several attempts from at least three police officers on the grass of the apartment complex
  • Two officers then encounter the goat again before it seeks shelter in one of the apartment buildings nearby
  • With the help of the other officers, the goal is trapped in a hallway before being held captive
  • Police have not yet revealed or explained how the goat go into the apartment complex in the first place or who it belonged to

A runaway goat led police on a wild chase through a Florida apartment complex before the officers were finally able to wrangle the animal.

The Tallahassee Police Department shared a video on YouTube of the escaped goat running loose from officers outside an apartment complex in the early hours of April 20.

‘Am I supposed to tackle a goat, are you crazy?’ a female officer asks at the beginning of the video. ‘That thing has got pointy things. I’m from New Jersey, we don’t see goats!’ 

Titled ‘The Escape,’ the next section of the video shows more attempts from local authorities to try and contain the goat to the tune of Bad Boys, the Inner Circle song used as the intro to the long-running TV show Cops.

‘Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?’ the song repeatedly plays while cops try to corral the goat.

Throughout the night of April 20, a squad of at least three police officers from the Tallahassee Police Department chased a goat around an apartment complex after receiving a call that it was running loose on the property

At one point, the goat enters an open-ended apartment building (pictured) while police officers think of a plan to capture it – one of them saying she’s ‘terrified’ by the idea

At one point, three officers surround the animal on the grass thinking it had nowhere to go before one of them raises her arms up in desperation when she sees it stroll by her. 

‘What was I supposed to do? Tackle the goat?’ the officer says. 

The footage then later shows the same officer encountering the goat on a street near one of the buildings that is part of the apartment complex. 

‘What do you want me to do when it comes running at me?’ the police officer says while pointing at the goat charging in her direction.

That’s when a colleague shouts: ‘Square up with him.’

‘C’mon,’ the police officer, who originally asked the question, says in response. 

She then decides to greet the goat and mimic kissing noises to capture its attention, but the animal ignores her and enters an open-ended apartment building.

‘Quick, quick, quick, quick,’ the assisting officer tells her partner so that she doesn’t lose sight of the goat, which can be seen standing next to the building’s staircase in the video. 

‘What are we doing? How are we doing this?’ one of the two officers asks in a frustrated and confused tone.

The assisting officer responds: ‘We’re going to corner him in here,’ before the other officer lets him know that she is ‘terrified.’  

After several attempts to put their hands on the animal, the goat is finally held captive by police

Ecstatic officers put the goat on the ground after finally capturing it. They proceed to pet it and call it ‘cute’

The next part of the footage, titled ‘The Arrest’, shows the officers surrounding the goat from both sides of the hallway, until it is finally captured.

‘Our officers handle a wide variety of calls for service which occasionally includes the wrangling of stray livestock,’ the video’s description reads.

Local authorities did not reveal how the goat got into the apartment complex in the first place or who owned the animal. 

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