Hiker spots wolf spider with dozens of babies and it’s the stuff of nightmares

Hiker spots wolf spider with dozens of babies and it’s the stuff of nightmares

December 9, 2018

A hiker climbing a mountain spotted a terrifying mother wolf spider carrying dozens of baby spiders on its back.

Erin Clare-Barrow was clambering up Canberra’s Mount Majura in the Australian Capital Territory when she found the creature.

The huge wolf spider, camouflaged against sticks and rocks, was crawling with small babies.

She quickly took a snap of the spider and sent it to the ACT Parks and Conservation Service.

They published it on social media with the warning: "Look away arachnophobes."

The post, which has been shared hundreds of times, said: "This wolf spider was spotted on Mt Majura carrying her babies.

"They’ll stay on her back for nearly a week until they’re ready to venture on their own.

"Who would have thought spiders could be so maternal?"

And, although some found the image beautiful, other followers branded it "horrendous", with one writing: "Wow, actually sends chills up my spine."

Another said: "The things nightmares are made of."

And one commenter joked: "I think I’ll be leaving Canberra now."

"I finally stopped having nightmares from the one that was at our house and now that I’ve seen this they will come back ," said another person.

However, other social media users claimed the babies were "adorable".

One wrote: "I love them so much."

Wolf spiders are found throughout Australia and are often found in lawns and gardens.

Although they are venomous and can give a nasty bite if provoked, their poison is not lethal to humans.

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