Harrowing slaughter spree of psycho who stalked 17 women like animals before raping and murdering them

Harrowing slaughter spree of psycho who stalked 17 women like animals before raping and murdering them

November 25, 2020

HIDING beneath the facade of seemingly harmless baker was one of the most vicious serial killers the US has ever seen.

Robert Hansen spent more than a decade hunting and killing women for fun.

He would transport his victims to the remote Alaskan wilderness before tracking and killing them, murdering 17 women and raping 30 more during his 12-year rampage.

Hansen, who died in 2014, confessed to killing four women between 1971 and 1983 and provided details of 12 other murder victims. He was sentenced to 461 years in prison.

The horrific story is detailed in a new podcast by Crime Online, which tells the story of the "nerdy baker" who is described as one of the "most prolific serial killers ever in the US" by host Nancy Grace.

Joined by a host of legal and medical professionals, Nancy delves into the story of the sicko who "enjoyed the thrill of the murder".

The serial killer – who was reportedly shunned by girls during his childhood for being skinny and having acne – is thought to have launched the vile attacks as a form of revenge, according to criminal psychologists.

Hansen, who grew up with a "mean" dad and was forced to work at his family bakery in Arkansas until 2am every night, began to resent women after his peers started dating, experts reckon.

Hansen began his life of crime with petty theft and arson, serving 20 months at Anamosa State Penitentiary in Iowa for setting a bus stop ablaze while he worked briefly as a fireman.


His first wife left him during his stretch inside, but after being released in 1962 he remarried.

He lived with second wife Darla and their two children in Alaska and opened his own bakery. Years later this profession would earn him the nickname "the butcher baker".

A keen hunter, Hansen bought a plane and flew out to remote spots to shoot game. He would later transport his victims to these areas after raping and torturing them.

After several more run-ins with the law for theft and allegedly abducting and sexually assaulting a sex worker and a housewife, Hansen is thought to have killed his first victim in the early 1970s.

He told authorities he pulled a gun on an unnamed topless dancer before stabbing her in the neck.

The woman, dubbed "Eklunta Annie", was buried in a shallow grave and went undiscovered until 1980. The body has not been identified.

Some reports suggest Hansen's first victims weren't sex workers but girls as young as 16, although this has never been confirmed.

After the brutal murder of Eklunta Annie, Hansen embarked on a 12-year rampage with his crimes getting more heinous as the years went on.

The killer would pick up sex workers or exotic dancers on the premise of paying them for sex, before driving them out of town and threatening them with a gun.

He would then take them to a remote hotel where the poor women would be raped and tortured.

Sickeningly, Hansen wouldn't stop there – he'd then bundle the his victims back into his car or into his plane and take them to remote spots where he would hunt them like game.

On the podcast it's described how most of his victims died as a result of a "kill shot", a single bullet to the largest part of the body – around the torso – where all the vital organs sit.


Experts explained to Nancy how the cold, methodical killing was the kind taught to police officers or soldiers.

But they added that the twisted hunt beforehand shows Hansen enjoyed the thrill of the chase.

During the time between his first victim and his arrest, Hansen is thought to have murdered around 17 women and raped 30 others.

His known victims, according to My Life of Crime, are: Lisa Futrell, 41, Malai Larsen, 28, Sue Luna, 23, Tami Pederson, 20, Angela Feddern, 24, DeLynn “Sugar” Frey, Paula Goulding, Andrea “Fish” Altiery, Sherry Morrow, 23, Eklutna Annie [true identity unknown], Joanna Messina, Cecelia “Beth” Van Zanten, 17, Megan Emerick, 17, Mary Kathleen Thill, 23, Cindy Paulson, Unknown Jane Doe, Teresa Watson and Roxanne Easland, 24.

The monster was only caught in 1983 after one victim – 17-year-old sex worker Cindy Paulson – miraculously escaped.

After binding her in his basement and raping her, he stuffed her into his car and drove to the airport.

As he loaded his plane, Cindy – half-naked, handcuffed and barefoot – fled for her life.

Cops found a pair of blue sneakers she deliberately left in his car to prove she had been abducted, and Hansen was done for.

Officers launched an investigation, making several sickening discoveries including a secret soundproof room in his basement and a map of Anchorage marked with around 20 pins – all thought to signify a victim or the site of an attack.

Police also discovered scores of shallow graves. The women were stripped naked and in one case even buried with the shell casing of the bullet that killed her.

Hansen eventually confessed as the evidence mounted against him.

He pleaded guilty to four murders and admitting to killing 17 women in total in February 1984.

On August 21, 2014 he died from natural causes.

Speaking to the New York Times following his death, Assistant District Attorney Frank Rothschild is reported to have said: "Good riddance".

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