Haiti president's wife Martine Moïse shares first hospital pics & says 'I can't believe my husband died before my eyes'

Haiti president's wife Martine Moïse shares first hospital pics & says 'I can't believe my husband died before my eyes'

July 15, 2021

THE wife of assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moïse has shared the first pictures of herself in hospital and said "I can't believe my husband died before my eyes."

Martine Moïse shared the update just days after she was airlifted to a Miami hospital for treatment of serious wounds suffered when gunmen stormed her family home.

"Thank you to everyone who is helping me pray for my return to life. Because all the time you hospitalize your life from God and doctors," she wrote.

"Martine Moïse, I still don't believe that my husband has gone like this before my eyes without saying a last word to me, this pain will never pass."

In a second update, she reiterated her thanks to those at the hospital who helped her, dubbing them her "guardian angels."

"Thank you for the team of guardian angels who helped me through this terrible time," she wrote. "With your gentle touch, kindness and care, I was able to hold on. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

She shared two photographs of herself from the hospital bed, with one caption in Haitian Creole and one in English.

Moïse could be seen looking downcast in the bed, with her right arm covered in bandages.

It comes just days after Moïse slammed her husband's "gutless killers."

The president’s 47-year-old wife told how "suddenly, the mercenaries came and pelted my husband with bullets".

The heartbroken widow said her husband was gunned down "in the blink of an eye… without even giving him a chance to say a word".

She accused shadowy enemies of organising her husband's assassination to stop democratic change.

Speaking from her hospital bed in Florida, Mrs Moïse said: "You know who the president was fighting against.

"These people hired mercenaries to kill the president and his family due to the projects for roads, electricity, drinking water supply, organisation of the referendum and elections, for the final abolition of political transition."

In the recording released on Twitter, she added: "You have to be a notorious criminal without guts to assassinate a president like Jovenel Moïse with impunity without giving him the chance to speak."

Moïse had told of opposition forces who were angry about what he called his attempts to clean up government contracts and politics – and he had proposed a referendum to change Haiti's constitution.

The referendum, scheduled for September 26 along with presidential and legislative elections, could abolish the prime minister's position, reshape the legislative branch and strengthen the presidency.

But critics slammed the move as a power grab.


Moïse's killing has clouded those plans and led to chaos in Haiti, prompting requests for foreign help.

Haitian government officials pleaded with Joe Biden for help to safeguard the country's infrastructure on Friday.

But the US President rebuffed Haiti's plea for help and refused to send in troops following the assassination.

And on Saturday, one of Haiti's most powerful gang leaders said his men would take to the streets to protest the assassination of Moïse, threatening to throw the country into further chaos.

Jimmy Cherizier, an ex-cop known as Barbecue who heads the so-called G9 federation of nine gangs, accused opposition politicians of colluding with the "stinking bourgeoisie" to "sacrifice" Moïse.

"It was a national and international conspiracy against the Haitian people," he said in a video, dressed in khaki military fatigues sitting in front of a Haitian flag.

"We tell all bases to mobilize, to mobilize and take to the streets for light to be shed on the president's assassination."

Haitian officials have not provided a motive for the assassination or explained how the killers got past Moïse's security detail.

None of Moise's guards were injured in the attack, Mathias Pierre, the elections minister, told Reuters.

Authorities have described as a unit of assassins formed of 26 Colombians and two Haitian Americans.

A prominent Haitian doctor with ties to South Florida is suspected as one of the ring leaders of the hit squad, the Miami Herald reports.

Christian Emmanuel Sanon is the third person of Haitian descent tied to Florida to be arrested over the killing of Moïse.

Two of the suspects – James Solages, 35, and Joseph Vincent, 55 – told authorities that the assassination was part of a plot to install Sanon as president of the Caribbean nation, sources told the outlet.

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