Grow fresh produce indoors with zero effort

Grow fresh produce indoors with zero effort

April 6, 2022

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With food costs sky high, you're not alone if you think an indoor garden system might save you some coin on those daily microgreen salads. But if you've got black thumbs, it's probably time to get technology on your side with a smart planter.

Start an easy indoor produce garden with this deal on the adorable smart planter from Pico that can turn anyone into a gardener. It's ideal for herbs, veggies or decorative plants — and it's on sale for just $40 right now, down from $49.

$40 $49 at Joyus

Easy indoor produce gardening for anyone, anywhere

Regardless of your history with gardening or how much light your place gets, with the Pico smart planter — the highest crowdfunded smart planter in history, by the way — you can't mess up. The design team behind the device has goof-proofed your every move so that your plant survives even if you forget it exists. The planter is equipped with the clever tech required to outwit your vegetation neglect: Pico comes with its own "sun" and smart plant watering system.

The LED plant light keeps your flora chugging through the photosynthesis process no matter the weather or location. The light is telescoping, so you can adjust it as the plant grows (up to 9 inches high). Whether you're working with seed pods, hydroponics or rich soil, your plants will have room to put down roots.

But probably most important for those trying to overcome poor gardening habits? The Pico provides the right amount of water, on its own. No parched leaves, no water-logged roots, no wasted herbs or vegetables. You simply top the Pico off once a week and your little green friend drinks up only the H2O it needs.

Whether you want your easy indoor garden to contain herbs like basil, mint, parsley and chives, decorative plants like moon cactus and jade or fresh flowers like Barberton daisies and stunning roses, the Pico will get you there without the hard work that creating an indoor garden can involve. All of these plants and more are completely growable in this attractive, automated, intelligent planter.

Green engineering beyond the indoor garden system

The planter not only takes care of those green guys, it takes care of the environment, too. It's made of food-safe, BPA-free, recyclable materials — and for every item sold, a tree is planted.

It'll also take care of your immediate surroundings, since plants can improve the air quality in your home. Plants are excellent recyclers of carbon dioxide, breathing fresh oxygen into your space. And the right herbs will infuse such a nice scent throughout your home, you'll never need air fresheners again.

The Pico won't take away from your decor — it's adorable! And it's designed to mount anywhere. Set it down like a regular pot, hang it like a planter or even mount it to the wall.

Grab multiple Picos to daisy-chain a produce garden using the included cables.

Growing indoor garden ideas and a community of fans

The Pico planter with smart watering and lighting made crowdfunding history when it secured support from over 38,000 buyers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. People knew they needed one when they saw the first sprouts of this idea (see what we did there?).

One reviewer expressed her love as such: "They are really cute and don’t ruin the decor like a lot of pots do. Good quality and doing all the hard work for my plants!”

And another customer highlighted the simplicity, stating, "My life is so much easier after getting these. My plants have grown exponentially since I got these. They do a lot better job at tending for my plants than I ever did! Best purchase ever.”

Take a quick peek here to see just how easy it is to use.

You won't be sending your cilantro to the great big herb garden in the sky any time soon when you use the Pico to get growing. Don't miss your chance to grab the Pico Planter Herb Garden while it's on sale for just $40 (reg. $49) and available in three colors:

  • White Coral

  • Blue Stone

  • Sea Green

No matter which one you choose, you'll be able to brighten your living space with practically zero effort!

$40 $49 at Joyus

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