Greta Thunberg responds for first time to Andrew Tate trafficking charges and claims influencer felt 'threatened' by her | The Sun

Greta Thunberg responds for first time to Andrew Tate trafficking charges and claims influencer felt 'threatened' by her | The Sun

February 20, 2023

ECO-warrior Greta Thunberg has spoken out for the first time since Andrew Tate was arrested on human trafficking charges.

Days before the arrest, misogynist influencer Tate got into an online spat with 19-year-old Greta after he bragged about his collection of exhaust-belching cars.

The kickboxer tried to taunt the climate change campaigner by bragging about the "enormous emissions" of his vehicles.

Greta hit back by blasting Tate for having "small d**k energy".

As the war of words continued, Tate replied with an unhinged video showing him wearing a robe and smoking a cigar – with "non-recyclable" pizza boxes in front of him.

Just days later, Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested on trafficking charges after cops stormed their Romanian lair.

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Rumours swirled at the time that the pizza boxes featured in the video might have revealed his location to investigators – although this was later dismissed by Romanian cops.

The 36-year-old and his brother Tristan are currently in jail in Romania as part of a probe into human trafficking, rape, and organised crime.

Greta has now spoken out about the bizarre Twitter exchange with Tate days before he was detained.

During an interview with ABC News' The View, Greta was asked: "Why are awful people like him so triggered by you?"

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The teenager suggesting Tate trolled her as he's "threatened" by people like her.

"There are many, many problems in the world that we need people dealing with," she said.

"But it seems like they feel so threatened or they feel like their worldview is so threatened by people like me – climate activists and environmental activists – speaking up that they feel like they need to silence us and mock us."

She added: "That should be seen as a positive sign because that means that we are actually having an impact.

"Otherwise, they wouldn’t be spending their time trolling us online."

The Sun has contacted Tate's reps for comment.

Tate and his brother, along with two female suspects, were detained in Bucharest by Romanian anti-organised crime prosecutors in December pending a criminal investigation.

They are accused of recruiting women on social media platforms and persuading them to travel to their £600k villa on the outskirts of the country's capital.

The brothers would allegedly falsely claim to be in love with the young women, before making them perform sexual acts on webcams.

Women were forced to film porn videos in the compound and were kept under 24/7 house arrest, according to Romanian investigators.

Prosecutors also said one of the brothers raped one of the victims in March of last year, which is when the investigation started.

Court transcripts reveal how Tate would try to force women to get his name tattooed on them – claiming that at least two already had done so.

The brothers have repeatedly denied the allegations against them.

It emerged that Tate has threatened to sue a woman who accused him of trafficking for £249million to "shut down" the case against him.

Lawyers for the alleged victim in America said a "cease-and-desist" letter was sent to her by a US law firm in December on behalf of the brothers.

Tate has spent years creating a warped empire promoting toxic worldviews which have infected legions of fans through TikTok.

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