Girl, 5, fatally stung by scorpion forced to wait an HOUR for treatment… before docs admitted they’d run out of antidote | The Sun

Girl, 5, fatally stung by scorpion forced to wait an HOUR for treatment… before docs admitted they’d run out of antidote | The Sun

August 14, 2023

A YOUNG girl stung by a deadly scorpion died after waiting an hour for emergency treatment – before medics revealed they had run out of the life saving antidote.

Jamily Vitoria Duarte, 5, was rushed by her mother to the Vila Cristina medical centre in Piracicaba, Brazil.

Jamily was screaming in agony after she was stung by a yellow scorpion, the deadliest bug in South America.

When mum Patricia das Gracas Adriana Duarte rushed her to hospital on August 11 she was kept waiting for an hour in the emergency room.

After medics admitted they did not have the right serum to treat her, Jamily was rushed to a second hospital.

Her heartbroken mum says by the time they reached the second hospital Jamily was already desperately ill.


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She died just hours later even though she had been given the life saving serum, according to local media.

Her heartbroken mother said: "When she arrived at Santa Casa, it was difficult to find her vein.

"And she got worse. At around 2am, she got worse still, she started to go into cardiac arrest, and she died around 8am."

Local media asked city hall officials about the lack of serum at the first clinic but did not get a reply.

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The Secretary of State for Health then claimed that there was serum at the first facility and has called for an investigation.

Her mother said: "She arrived screaming, desperate. Everyone was paralysed. She said it was a scorpion sting, but they took my data calmly.

"If they had said right away that they didn't have the serum, I would have gone to the Santa Casa hospital with my daughter."

The investigation into little Jamily's death is ongoing.

In 2018, a three day old baby girl in Brazil survived seven stings from a yellow scorpion that climbed into her nappy.

Astonished medical staff found the venomous insect hiding inside Maria Sofia Ferreira’s nappy, attached to her umbilical cord.

Doctors said the child, from Brazil, only survived because she was given multiple doses of antidote within a two-hour time frame.

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