Gary Busey's rep's bizarre explanation for actor with his pants down

Gary Busey's rep's bizarre explanation for actor with his pants down

August 24, 2022

‘Perhaps he needed the bathroom’: Rep for Gary Busey offers bizarre explanation after star, 78, was caught sitting outside on Malibu bench with his pants down a day after he was accused of sexual assault

  • Gary Busey, 78, was photographed on Saturday afternoon in a Malibu park with his hand in his crotch and his pants around his ankles
  • The day before the Oscar-nominated actor, who was left significantly altered after a near-fatal 1988 motorbike crash, was charged with sexual harassment
  • He is accused of groping multiple women during a meet-and-greet at a horror movie convention in New Jersey
  • On Tuesday, Busey’s spokesperson said that the actor was perhaps with his pants around his ankles because he needed to relieve himself 

Actor Gary Busey’s spokesman has claimed that the 78-year-old maybe needed to relieve himself, which was why he was caught on camera with his pants round his ankles, his hands buried in his crotch. 

‘Gary often sits on the bench in front of his home to meditate and look at the ocean,’ said a spokesperson for Busey on Tuesday.

They told Page Six: ‘Our only guess is that perhaps at his age, he realized he couldn’t get to the bathroom in time which explains what happened in the video of him on the bench.’ 

Busey, who was nominated for the best actor Oscar for his role in 1978 film The Buddy Holly Story, was already facing censure when he was pictured on Saturday afternoon in Malibu.

The actor was charged the day before with four counts of sexual contact and harassment after multiple women accused him of indecent conduct at a New Jersey horror movie convention.

On Saturday, seemingly unaware that he was in full public view, the actor, whose behavior was dramatically altered following a near-fatal 1988 motorcycle crash, lowered his pants and sat on a bench with his hand between his legs. 

Gary Busey, 78, was spotted sitting in a California park with his pants down smoking a cigar the day after being charged with groping three woman at a convention in NJ last weekend

Seemingly satisfied with his actions, Busey sat on the bench before pulling his pants up and lighting up a cigar

 Busey was seen on Saturday afternoon at Point Dume Park in Malibu.

His representative said Busey was on private property, but he was in full view of the public, wearing a shirt that referenced the 1991 Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves film Point Break, in which he had a supporting role.

Busey was filmed making his way to a bench at the lookout point, where he sat down, pulled out his phone and then pulled down his pants. 

Busey is seen in September 2019, promoting the Broadway musical Only Human

Busey stuck one hand down the front of his pants, appeared to clench his jaw and then looked around to make sure no bystanders had caught him in the lewd act. 

Seemingly satisfied with his actions, Busey lit up a cigar and looked out over the ocean for nearly 30 minutes before getting back in his car and leaving the park. 

Busey, who lives in Malibu, faces two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual contact, one count of attempted criminal sexual contact and one count of harassment, following the allegations made in New Jersey.

The charges stem from offenses that are alleged to have occurred at the annual Monster Mania Convention at the Doubletree Hotel in Cherry Hill, NJ, police said.

Cherry Hill Police say three women were touched by Busey inappropriately during an autograph signing and meet and greet.

‘It was about contact. It was about touching,’ Cherry Hill Police Lt. Robert Scheunemann told the Philadelphia Inquirer, noting that ‘multiple complaints’ about the actor’s conduct had been received throughout the weekend. 

Busey is seen in September 2018, at the New York Stock Exchange

Police have revealed they fully expect to hear from more women in the coming days after an incident in which Busey had to be removed from a portion of the event after he was seen groping women, according to Fox 29.

Police initially did not identify the suspect as the actor, but followed up with a statement saying that Busey was the man facing charges.

At the convention Busey was said to be appearing alongside other actors including Ralph Macchio, Tom Skerritt and Veronica Cartwright.

A lawyer for the convention, Nikitas Moustakas, said the convention company was ‘assisting authorities in their investigation into an alleged incident involving attendees and a celebrity guest at its convention.’

‘Immediately upon receiving a complaint from the attendees, the celebrity guest was removed from the convention and instructed not to return,’ he said.

‘Monster-Mania also encouraged the attendees to contact the police to file a report. The safety and well-being of all our attendees is of the utmost importance to Monster-Mania, and the company will not tolerate any behavior that could compromise those values.’

The actor, who lives in Malibu, California , was scheduled as a featured guest for all three days of the event

The charges stem from offenses that are alleged to have occurred at the annual Monster Mania Convention at the Doubletree Hotel on August 12-14 in Cherry Hill, in the Philadelphia suburbs

Busey is widely known as a character actor, largely in supporting roles, though he came to attention and was nominated for an Oscar for best actor for playing the title role in the 1978 film The Buddy Holly Story.

His various acting credits include Point Break, Under Siege, Rookie of the Year, Lethal Weapon and Predator 2.

Busey is married to Steffanie Sampson. The couple have been together since 2006 and got hitched in 2008. Together they share a 12-year-old son, Luke.

Busey also has two children from previous relationships – son Jake, 51, and daughter Alectra, 28.

His son said that the 1988 motorbike crash significantly altered his father.

He suffered severe damage to the frontal lobe of his brain as a result of the crash, which made him ‘more impulsive and prone to anger and delusions of grandeur,’ according to a 2019 Hollywood Reporter profile.

‘He was a vegetable in a wheelchair staring at the wall,’ said Jake. 

‘At 17, I had to teach him with my mom to talk, to eat, to feed himself. To walk again. To write. That was very difficult for me at that age.’ 

He added: ‘The post-accident version of him turned his personality up to 11. 

‘I feel like I lost my dad on December 4, 1988.’

The Hollywood Reporter profile detailed his lack of filter, following the accident.

They reported that while being photographed for the magazine, he asked a slim male photo assistant: ‘Did you used to be a woman? You came out great.’ 

He then told a female hairstylist: ‘If you’re not having fun, I have something for you to have fun: I’ll tickle you till you pee.’ 

Busey previously faced drug charges in 1995 when authorities found cocaine during a search of his Malibu home.

He was charged with one count of cocaine possession and three counts of possession of marijuana, possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms and being under the influence of cocaine.

In the past he has also been arrested on charges of spousal abuse.

In 2011, during a season of Celebrity Apprentice, he was accused of sexually assaulting a female employee of the show.

‘We were smoking cigarettes outside, and Busey was standing next to me,’ an employee told the Daily Beast in 2016. 

‘And then at one point, he grabbed me firmly between my legs, and ran his hand up my stomach, and grabbed my breasts.

‘I didn’t know what to do. 

‘So I made this joke that, ‘Oh, I’ve never been sexually harassed by a celebrity before!’ 

‘Then he grabbed my hand and put it [over] his penis, and said, like, ‘I’m just getting started, baby.”

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