Farmer sings You Are My Sunshine to Ivy the donkey foal

Farmer sings You Are My Sunshine to Ivy the donkey foal

October 8, 2020

Eey-aww! Farmer sings You Are My Sunshine to Ivy the donkey foal as he rocks her to sleep in his arms

  • Dean Fagan sung a lullaby to his three-month-old donkey Ivy in Marengo, Ohio
  • The farmer sat on a sofa in his field to serenade the animal, a tender video shows
  • Mr Fagan runs his farm, humorously named Jackass Junction, with his wife Dawn

This is the adorable moment that an animal-loving farmer sung a sweet lullaby to one of the young donkeys in his herd.

Dean Fagan, who runs a farm in Marengo, Ohio, was caught on camera singing You Are My Sunshine by Simon Ravenhall to three-month-old donkey Ivy. 

In the video, the relaxed donkey foal lies in her owner’s lap on a sofa in the middle of the farm while he sings his a cappella tune and rocks her to sleep.

In an adorable video, farmer Dean Fagan rocks his three-month-old donkey Ivy to sleep as he sings her a lullaby on his farm Jackass Junction in Marengo, Ohio

The farmer starts to perform with the crowd of farm animals watching, belting out the famous lyrics: ‘You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.

You make me happy when skies are grey.’

Ivy raises her head during the melody and stares at the camera with a sleepy look in her eyes before dropping her head back on the sofa, the footage shows.

Other jealous donkeys crowd around to watch Mr Fagan’s peaceful performance, waiting for their turn to jump on to the farmer’s lap.

Mr Fagan, who humorously named his farm Jackass Junction, often lets his affectionate animals clamber on to his lap despite their huge weight.

His wife Dawn recorded the footage of the tender moment and shared it on her TikTok account in August, where it racked up more than 700,000 views. 

Mr Fagan regularly serenades his rescue donkeys on his 67-acre donkey sanctuary, which he co-manages with his wife Dawn, who recorded the tender moment

Viewers were quick to praise the farmer for his touching song as well as sharing their affections for the loveable donkeys.  

One viewer responded: ‘Only a person with an amazing soul would do this. So glad to see people loving animals.’

Another said: ‘Now that’s real LOVE.’ 

The married couple manage the 67-acre donkey sanctuary together, where Mr Fagan regularly serenades their rescue donkeys.

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