Families horrified as monkey at Chester Zoo mauls seagull in front of traumatised kids

Families horrified as monkey at Chester Zoo mauls seagull in front of traumatised kids

March 1, 2022

FAMILIES were left traumatised after an aggressive monkey mauled a seagull to death in front of horrified children.

The primate scaled a tall pole in the middle of the enclosure at Chester Zoo before plucking the circling bird out of the sky as its wings flapped in panic.

It was filmed waving the visibly distressed bird in the air, before repeatedly bashing in on top of the long pole.

The monkey then threw its lifeless victim to the floor as more seagulls flew around watching the grisly sight.

Plumber Chris Iacurti, 37, used his annual membership to visit the zoo on Saturday with beautician wife Naomi, 32, and kids Lyle, 10, and Giorgio, five.

The violent incident left his little ones terrified, and they are now scared that they could be attacked by the primate.

Chris, from Flint Mountain, North Wales, told The Sun: “It was absolutely crazy. A real brutal murder.

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“The monkey climbed to the top of the pole, grabbed the seagull out of the sky, bit its head off and started eating it.

“Then it just threw it to the ground and left it. It didn’t seem like it killed it for food and just did it for its own sick fun.

“There were only a few people who saw it but everyone was in shock.

“The kids were desperately trying to find a zookeeper to help save the seagull but I had to tell them it was a bit late for that.

“They were worried it was going to eat them next. But I don’t think it’s going to put us off coming back again.”

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