Elon Musk family tree: Who are his parents and does he have any siblings? | The Sun

Elon Musk family tree: Who are his parents and does he have any siblings? | The Sun

April 16, 2023

ELON Musk is one of the richest men in the world.

But away from Musk's billions and businesses he has a very complicated family tree.

Who are the members of the Musk family?

Walter Musk

Walter Musk was born on August 4, 1917, in Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa.

He died on March 27, 1986, at the age of 68 in Pretoria.

He married Cora Robinson on May 6, 1944, and they had one child together.

Cora Robinson

Cora was married to Walter from 1944 to his death in 1986.

She was born in Liverpool, England, on August, 16, 1923.

She died on July 30, 2011, in South Africa.

Errol Musk

Errol is the child of Walter and Cora, born in 1946.

He is a retired politician, standing for the anti-apartheid Progressive Party.

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He also worked as a pilot, sailor and electrical engineer.

He has seven children from three different mothers, including Elon.

Errol was originally married to Maye Musk from 1970 until 1979.

They had three children – Elon, Kimbal and Tosca.

He then married Heide Bezuidenhout, and had two more children, Alexandra and Asha.

She already had a daughter from a previous relationship, Jana.

Errol then had a relationship with Jana, his former stepdaughter.

The couple have two children together.

Maye Musk

Maye Musk is Errol's first wife and the mother of billionaire Elon.

She was born on April 19, 1948, in Regina, Canada.

Maye has been a model for 50 years.

She is also a dietitian.

Heide Bezuidenhout

Heide is Errol's second wife, and already had a daughter, Jana, and two other children when they married.

Together they had two children, named Alexandra and Asha Rose.

Errol has stated that their marriage only lasted two years.

Jana Bezuidenhout

Jana was just four years old when she first met her stepfather Errol

She is the step-sister of the world's second richest man, Elon.

She got together with Errol after reaching out to him in 2014.

They had not seen each other for many years before this.

Jana and Errol went on to have two children together, a son, Elliot Rush, in 2017, and a daughter in 2019.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the owner of Tesla motors, and has been CEO since 2008.

He was born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, and moved to Canada aged 18.

He founded SpaceX in 2002, a company focused on the manufacturing of space aircrafts.

In 2022, he bought Twitter for $44billion – and in April 2023 declared that he wasn't the CEO, but his dog Floki was.

Elon has been married three times – although he's married the same woman twice.

He married Justine Wilson in 2000, but it was over by 2008.

He then tied the knot with Talulah Riley in 2010, and again in 2013.

He has ten children, although his firstborn tragically died at only a few weeks old

Kimbal Musk

Kimbal is a restaurateur and chef from South Africa.

He owns The Kitchen Restaurant Group in Colorado.

Kimbal is Elon's younger brother, born on September 20, 1972.

Much like his brother, he left South Africa to attend Queen's University in Ontario, Canada.

Tosca Musk

Tosca is a filmmaker and Elon's younger sister, born on July 20, 1974.

She has produced and directed dozens of films and TV dramas including The Truth About Mirandad, Cruel World, and The Heavy.

She is co-creator of film streaming service Passionflix, which aims to make original adaptations of romance film as well as showing classic releases.

Alexandra and Asha Rose Musk

Errol had two girls with Heide, both of them being half-siblings to Tesla owner Elon.

Not a lot is known about the pair as their personal information hasn't been publicised.

Justine Wilson

Justine Wilson met Elon Musk whilst attending Queen's college in Ontario, Canada.

After losing their first child in 2002, had five other children together.

She was married to Musk between 2000 and 2008.

Nevada Alexander Musk

Nevada tragically died at just 10 weeks old from sudden infant death syndrome in 2002.

Doctors tried to resuscitate him but he was declared brain dead.

Griffin Musk and Vivian Wilson

Griffin and Vivian were Musk's first children with Justine Wilson.

Vivian came out as transgender in 2022 and changed her first name.

She stated she did not live with her father anymore and didn't want to be associated with him.

Kai, Saxon and Damien Musk

In 2006, Musk and Wilson welcomed triplets into the world.

Wilson revealed in 2017 that the three boys were conceived through IVF.


Claire Elise Boucher, better known by her stage name Grimes, was in a relationship with Elon Musk from 2018 to 2022.

Together, they had two children.

Despite no longer being involved romantically, Grimes has described Musk as her best friend and the love of her life

X AE A-Xii Musk

There was a lot of talk and intrigue over the name of Elon Musk's first child with Grimes.

There even seemed to be confusion between the pair over how to pronounce it.

Musk suggested the AE part of the name was pronounced "Ash" whilst Grimes believed it was said like how it was written.

Exa Dark Siderael Musk

Exa was born via a surrogate, with Grimes revealing this during an interview in 2022.

Grimes claimed that she changed the name to Y in March 2023.

Shivon Zillis

It was revealed through leaked documents that Musk has two children with his secretary Zillis.

She was born on February 8, 1986, in Ontario, Canada.

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