El Chapo's bloodthirsty sons wage brutal war to seize dad's narco kingdom from his old business partner

El Chapo's bloodthirsty sons wage brutal war to seize dad's narco kingdom from his old business partner

July 12, 2020

MEXICAN drug lord El Chapo’s sons have hired a brutal hit squad in a bid to take total control of their dad’s cartel, it’s reported.

The Sinaloa Cartel is in the grip of a bloody power struggle between the sons of caged kingpin Joaquin Guzman and his old partner Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada.

Jesus Alfredo, Ivan Archivaldo and Ovidio Guzman – known as “Los Chapitos” (the little Chapos) – are reportedly relying on savage killers “Los Ninis”.

The murderous gang is led by Néstor Ernesto Pérez Salas, “El Nini”, and is locked in a brutal struggle with “Los Rusos” (The Russians) – a faction loyal to El Mayo.

Robert Almonte, cartel expert and former US federal marshal, told Daily Star Online: “El Nini poses a threat in that he is very loyal to the Chapitos and he works as the lead enforcer for them and is a very close adviser.

“El Nini also apparently does not trust El Mayo and I don't think Chapo's sons trust El Mayo either.

“El Nino also does not care for El Mayo's lead enforcer known as El Ruso (The Russian).”


He added: “I would say that El Mayo's faction is most vulnerable.

“I believe that the Chapitos have the advantage because they are much younger than El Mayo, who is 72 years old.

“My guess if that is that more Sinaloa Cartel members would side with the Chapitos … out of loyalty to Chapo Guzman.”

Los Chapitos: The sons of El Chapo

El Chapo has a lot of sons: The official count is 15, but up to 24 people are rumoured to be his offspring. Most of them aren't in the cartel.

Iván Archivaldo

Ivan is El Chapo’s oldest son at 39 and a key figure in Los Chapitos.

He is thought to be leading the battle in wrestling control from former Sinaloa Cartel leaders, some of whom are now the Chapitos’ rivals.

He was briefly taken hostage along with his brother Jesus by the rival Jalisco New Generation cartel while their dad was still running the show from prison in 2016.

Jesús Alfredo Guzmán

Jesus, 37, is known as Alfredo or “Alfredillo,” he’s on the Drug Enforcement Administration’s most wanted list, the only one of Chapo’s kids to have that dubious distinction.

He is thought to be running part of the cartel with his brother Ivan.

Alfredo’s become known for his lavish lifestyle and likes to party which he likes to taunt the authorities with.

Alfredo and Ivan were kidnapped by the Jalisco New Generation cartel in 2016.

Ovidio Guzmán López

Nicknamed “El Ratón” (the mouse), Ovidio’s mum is El Chapo’s second wife.

He is thought to be behind the carnage in Culiacán and has been wanted by the authorities for years.

After the cartel opened fire on authorities in the streets, the Mexican government deemed the threat of violence to civilians too high. And they let him go.

Ovidio and Ivan have been deemed as key lieutenants in the Sinaloa cartel by the US Treasury Department.

El Mayo is one of the last remaining members of the original cartel and believes he is the man to take it forward now El Chapo is out of the picture.

The DEA and local marines finally recaptured Guzman, who has twice escaped from prison, in his native Mexico in 2016.

He was found guilty of 10 charges, including drug trafficking and money laundering, by a federal court in New York last year and jailed for life.

Despite his incarceration, bloodshed is increasing and analysts have seen an increase in cartel shipments to the US and the rise of El Mayo is thought to be the reason.

But he remains a ghost, using plastic surgery and disguises to evade capture.

Former DEA chief of operations Jack Riley said last year: “Mayo is the most powerful drug trafficker.

“I even think we have underestimated his influence and power in controlling the US drug market.”

El Mayo, a former poppy field worker, is one of the DEA's most wanted criminals with a bounty of millions on his head.

The multi-billionaire has been hunted by police and DEA agents for over 40 years and stays below the radar by never sleeping in the same place twice.

This is in stark contrast to El Chapo whose lavish lifestyle included trips to Switzerland for anti-ageing treatment, a £7.8million Acapulco beach house and his own zoo.

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