Eco mob CLOSE Tower Bridge: Activists ABSEIL to unfurl banner

Eco mob CLOSE Tower Bridge: Activists ABSEIL to unfurl banner

April 8, 2022

Eco mob CLOSE Tower Bridge: Police seal off busy London route during rush hour after activists ABSEIL off side of landmark to unfurl banner

Eco-morons shut down Tower Bridge today by abseiling off the sides and hanging a banner over the Thames as police stood and watched.

Environ-zealots from Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion brought central London to a standstill during the morning rush hour in a protest that would have created more pollution due to standing traffic.

It came amid continuing protests across the UK, including the blockading of oil terminals and taking the air out of the tyres of fuel tankers.

Tower Bridge was taken over shortly after 7.30am as several protesters abseiled off the side. A bright green banner was then unfurled declaring: ‘End fossil fuels now’.

Police then shut down the route – one of only a few ways to cross the Thames is east London – causing long queues.

People caught in the chaos branded them ‘selfish’. One victim tweeted: ‘On my way to work at a hospital and these lot think it’s ok to block Tower Bridge for all traffic. Selfish’.

Police stand above a protester who abseiled off the side of Tower Bridge to hang an anti-fossil fuel banner today

Just Stop Oil, which is linked to the larger Extinction Rebellion group, said yesterday more than 400 activists have now been arrested over the protests which began last week as they continue to disrupt oil facilities amid demands that the UK Government ends all new oil and gas projects in Britain. 

It comes ahead of the planned daily ‘mass participation’ protests from London’s Hyde Park this Saturday. 

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