East 17 star Brian Harvey’s foul-mouthed rant at staff after benefits cut

East 17 star Brian Harvey’s foul-mouthed rant at staff after benefits cut

November 2, 2019

Fallen pop star Brian Harvey has been kicked out of a benefits office after swearing at staff.

The ex-East 17 star, facing cuts to his benefits, yelled “F***ing d***head” as he was ordered out.

Harvey has had mental health ­problems and is struggling on social ­security as royalty payments dwindled to “f*** all”.

The singer, 45, said: “I’m being messed around seriously by the benefits. I can’t get anywhere after selling 22 million records, and the amount of tax I’ve paid.”

His life has been in free fall since he was injured in a 2005 accident when he was run over by his own car.

Meanwhile Brian’s ex-bandmate, Tony Mortimer, 49, revealed he made £100,000 a year from E17’s 1994 Christmas classic, Stay Another Day, which he co-wrote with two non-band members.

Harvey believes the benefit office are cutting his employment support allowance and enhanced PIP after receiving malicious and false information.

He told us: “A troll obviously wants to call up and cause trouble and say I’m earning money. I’m not. I’m just assuming that’s what has happened.

“They know, when people get that letter through the door, what it does to people with mental health ­problems. I feel like I’m fighting the world. The benefits need to start listening to the people, I understand there are spongers in the system, but I shouldn’t be treated like this.”

Harvey filmed his visit to the benefits office in the Walthamstow, East London, the area that gave his band its name.

The bipolar star, who suffers from anxiety and depression, uploaded the footage of his benefit office fracas on YouTube.

He filmed himself hurling abuse at G4S security staff. In the recording, posted in October, he says he is going to become homeless and they have signed his death warrant.

He said: “Enough now, I’ve had enough of this. So I’ve come down here.”

And after being kicked out of the Walthamstow office he confronted staff, saying: “F***ing d***head with you f***ing attitudes. D***heads.”  

A G4S security officer said: “You’re not allowed in the building, sir.” Harvey replied: “You wanna take my life away brother? Is that what you wanna do?”

He added: “You’re bullies mate, you’re bullies. Who you talking to? You wouldn’t have a f***ing job if it wasn’t for me paying tax. F*** you, f*** the lot of you. Sl*gs.”

Asked about royalties on his music, he said: “It’s f*** all now. I think the last thing that came through was £80. I’m just treated like a c***.”

He added: “If they cut my benefits and I have to go back to gigging then if something happens to me then it will be their fault and it will be on their shoulders. They know my life’s in danger.”

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