Dynamo burglar is jailed for killing pedestrian with a stolen car

Dynamo burglar is jailed for killing pedestrian with a stolen car

December 22, 2018

Joyrider is seen racing through London moments before he hit and killed elderly pedestrian with a stolen car three months after raiding £100k jewellery from magician Dynamo’s £1.3million home

  • Alistair McWilliams raided Dynamo’s north London home in May this year
  • Later this summer he was behind the wheel of a stolen car which crashed
  • A 77-year-old great grandfather in the other car later died from his injuries
  • McWilliams, who has 71 previous crimes to his name, was jailed for 12 years

Shocking CCTV shows a career criminal racing through the streets of London before ploughing into a pensioner who later died from his injuries.

Alistair McWilliams is a prolific car thief who burgled magician Dynamo’s home this summer, grabbing £100,000 of valuables.

Just three months later, in the early hours of 23 August this year, the thief was drunkenly driving a stolen Nissan Primera around Kentish Town when he ploughed into 77-year-old great grandfather Richard Dougherty.

He was spotted by a black cab driver doing at least three times the 20mph speed limit without the car’s headlights on.

CCTV footage showed the vehicle swerving onto the wrong side of the road, weaving around traffic bollards and overtaking other cars before it mounted the pavement and smashed into Mr Dougherty at 47mph. 

Sickening footage shows a joyrider speeding through London before a fatal crash this year

Thief Alistair McWilliams had three girls in the back of the vehicle as he raced through Camden

McWilliams, 33, broke into magician Dynamo’s £1.3million home in north-west London while the entertainer was on holiday.

After forcing has way in through the back door of the Grade II listed home he ransacked the master bedroom, plundering jewellery including a Lady’s Ballon Bleu De Cartier watch valued at £14,300 and £10,000 engagement ring set.

He was jailed for 12 years and nine months today for causing death by dangerous driving, aggravated vehicle taking, causing death whilst driving without licence.

Prolific criminal Alistair McWilliams has been jailed for 12 years for crashing into an car driven by an elderly man, who later died

Describing the crash, prosecutor Angus Bunyan said: ‘No doubt Mr Dougherty was unable to see and avoid the unlit car travelling as it was erratically and at high speed.’

McWilliams was seen running off after the crash and shouted at others: ‘We need to run, we have to run’. 

A girl who emerged from his car said: ‘He’s a f***ing dead man’ and another said: ‘We hit him, he’s dead’, a local resident told the court.

The prosecuted added: ‘None of the car’s occupants approached Mr Dougherty, lying as he was a few feet away from where the car had come to rest.’

Mr Dougherty clung on to life for the following 13 days but sadly died from the devastating head injuries he suffered in the crash.

Earlier this year, in May,  during a burglary, McWilliams grabbed an iPad, MacBook, pair of Beats by Dre headphones, Chanel bag and belt, £85 Hermes silver-edged playing cards, a £15,500 gent’s custom designed Rolex Milagus Oyster watch as well as the jewellery. 

McWilliams was captured on CCTV days before the fatal crash stealing the Nissan Primera

McWilliams was arrested four months later after police recovered a DNA sample matching his on the branch of a tree overlooking the fence used to gain entry, the Old Bailey heard.

He denied burglary but was convicted by a jury having already admitted causing the death of Mr Dougherty by dangerous driving and other related offences.

McWilliams claimed he did not realise he had hit anyone in the car smash and only found out when he read about it in a newspaper.

‘In the context of describing the accident, he said that he was ‘drunk out of his nut’ when he’d been driving that morning,’ Mr Bunyan said. 

Hassan Baig, defending told the court McWilliams had ‘come off the rails’ after leaving prison and finding himself living in a homeless shelter. 

He was drunkenly driving the stolen car around London when he ploughed into the other car

Judge Brendan Finucane QC said McWilliams had a ‘terrible’ criminal record comprising 35 convictions for 71 offences.

Among those are three for aggravated vehicle taking, four for taking without the owner’s consent, five for driving with no insurance, five for driving whilst disqualified or without a licence and 15 for motor vehicle interference or theft from a vehicle.

He also has a single conviction for GBH and ABH respectively, four for dwelling burglaries and was on licence for a robbery – for which he was handed a nine-year sentence in 2013 – when he committed his two recent offences. 

Earlier this year, McMaster had stolen from magician Dynamo (pictured)

Jailing him for twelve years and nine months, Judge Finucane slammed McWilliams’ ‘utterly callous decision to run away’ leaving Mr Dougherty lying helpless on the roadside. 

‘I do not believe for one second – particularly given your record for dishonesty and having seen you lie blatantly on oath in this courtroom on trial for robbery – that you did not know Mr Dougherty was dying at that moment and seriously injured. 

McWilliams, of no fixed address, was convicted or robbery after having pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, aggravated vehicle taking, causing death whilst driving without licence and causing death whilst driving uninsured.

He was sentenced to four-and-a-half years for the burglary, and eight years and three months for the driving matters with Judge Finucane ordering they be served consecutively, bringing the total term to 12 years and nine months.

Cath Carrie, from the CPS, said: ‘McWilliams stole a car a mere three days before dangerously joyriding through the streets of north London.

‘The strong CCTV evidence presented by the prosecution clearly showed McWilliams driving erratically – speeding, swerving from side to side, overtaking a black cab driver and without any front or rear lights on. 

‘When he was arrested he told police officers that he had been ‘drunk out his nut’. McWilliams’ prolonged, persistent and deliberate course of very bad driving ultimately led to a loss of life.

‘I hope today’s sentence shows the devastating consequences dangerous driving can have on people’s lives and makes clear that the police and CPS will work together to do whatever is possible to prosecute dangerous drivers where there is the evidence to do so. Our thoughts are with the family of Richard Docherty at this time.’


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