Drunken revellers hit the booze to kick off Bank Holiday weekend

Drunken revellers hit the booze to kick off Bank Holiday weekend

August 24, 2019

Drunken scantily-clad revellers hit the booze to kick off a blistering hot Bank Holiday weekend before collapsing on the pavement in heaps

  • Party-goers were spotted enjoying the first night of the Bank Holiday weekend as temperatures reached 75F
  • Hundreds of revellers descended on cities across Britain to enjoy the final three-day weekend until Christmas
  • While some looked to be having a great night, others slumped to the pavement and passed out in the street 

Revellers made the most of the warm summer weather last night as they took to the streets of Britain’s cities to celebrate the final Bank Holiday weekend until Christmas. 

Hundreds of party-goers were spotted in Blackpool and Birmingham last night as they enjoyed the first evening of the summer three-day weekend.

As they left clubs in the early hours of this morning they appeared to have had a good time, but some showed the effects of the night’s alcohol intake more than others.

One man was kicked out of Reflex nightclub in Birmingham by bouncers, arrested, and then later de-arrested by police.

Others are seen sleeping on the pavement, with one photograph showing a curious seagull walking past a man who has passed out in the street.

And women made the most of the warm weather, as temperatures reached 75F in Birmingham yesterday, by donning short shorts and crop tops.

A woman has to be carried through the streets of Blackpool by a man after an alcohol-fuelled night out left her slightly worse for wear

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On one well-lit street corner a woman was seen consoling a drunken man after he stumbled to the ground in Blackpool

One reveller looks out for another after a man passed out inside a Blackpool bus shelter after his night out got too much

Concerned women look on as two men lie on the floor with their arms wrapped around each other, while another man seems to have intervened

As they made their way home after the first night of the Bank holiday weekend these revellers laugh and joke with friends. One woman sticks out her tongue (left) while another teases a man with his shirt (right)

An ambulance is called when one woman loses consciousness outside a Blackpool club. A paramedic bends down to see if she is okay as a topless man speaks to her colleague

This man was ejected from Reflex club on Broad Street in Birmingham. Police were then called to arrest him. Pictured, one female officer looks at him as he speaks to her. Hours later he was de-arrested, a witness said

A young seagull walks past a man as he lies curled up in a ball at a Blackpool bus stop. Despite warm temperatures during the day by 3am the mercury fell to 13F

These women walk arm-in-arm as three of them clutch McDonald’s bags, including a happy meal, after enjoying a night in Blackpool to celebrate the Bank Holiday

A blonde woman has to prop her partner up as he leans over and struggles to sit up on a street corner in Blackpool

Trouble? A man has been put in to handcuffs and is held by two police officers as they escort him to a van in Blackpool

A bollard is used as a resting post for one drunken reveller (left) as he takes a break for a moment during his night out in Birmingham. Another man (right) sits at a bus stop with his head resting just above his knees

A man wearing a shirt with a spotted pattern slumps in a doorway on Birmingham’s Bond Street as the Bank Holiday gets off to a chaotic start

In Blackpool a man carried his partner’s shoes after she changed in to some more comfortable sliders. Girls in Birmingham made their way along the street dressed in short shorts as they enjoyed the warm weather

A man wearing jeans and a jacket lies on his stomach with his bag still on his back at the end of a wild night out in Blackpool 

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