Drunk female yob who launched pint glass at landlord because he refused to serve dodges jail for second time | The Sun

Drunk female yob who launched pint glass at landlord because he refused to serve dodges jail for second time | The Sun

December 14, 2022

A DRUNK lout who escaped jail after agreeing to treatment for alcohol problems has walked free AGAIN after she hurled a pint glass at a pub landlord when he refused to serve her.

Leah Brosnan, 29, launched into a foul mouthed rampage at Roy Irving as she tried in vain to get a drink at his railway station wine bar.

During the attack, Mr Irving narrowly avoided being hit by the flying pint as he ducked just in time and the glass smashed against the wall behind him.

Brosnan then smashed up other items in the bar before fleeing the scene across railway tracks.

The attack at Hadfield train station near Glossop, Derbyshire, occurred just eight months after Brosnan avoided jail by completing an alcohol treatment programme.

She was ordered to take the course after being arrested twice for fighting with police and going on a drunken rampage outside her home.


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At the time, she claimed she had anxiety and depression and insisted she needed help for her drinking.

Following her recent outburst, Brosnan, of Glossop, admitted common assault and trespassing on the railway at Tameside Magistrates Court.

She was ordered to complete another nine-month alcohol treatment programme and pay Mr Irving £50 compensation for the foul-mouthed rampage.

She was also fined £50 for trespass.

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Brosnan had originally faced court in September last year after she kicked out and attempted to bite a PC who was restraining her over a domestic argument.

She was bailed, but later vandalised a neighbour's car, threw a garden ornament at someone's front door and punched a second neighbour in the face during a drunken spat.

According to court records, Brosnan's alcohol treatment programme should have finished this May, as part of a 12 month community order plus 100 hours of unpaid work after she admitted assault and criminal damage.

Brosnan, who also had conviction for fare dodging from 2016, was arrested again after the dust up at Edwards Wine Bar, Hadfield on April 13.


Tineka O’Mara, prosecuting, said: “Miss Brosnan attended at about 8pm that evening but unfortunately, due to her intoxicated state the manager refused to serve her.

“At that point the incident began to occur. Miss Brosnan became quite difficult with the manager. She picked up beer mats and began throwing them around and was shouting and swearing.

“What the manager said is that he told her she’d had too much to drink and that he would not serve her. She called him a ‘f***Ing w****r’. She was asked to leave the premises.

“She refused to leave the premises and threw a pint pot at the direction of the manager.

“Luckily, he moved and the pint pot hit the bar behind him and smashed. He was concerned for his own safety. If it had hit him, it would have caused significant injury.

“He tried to get her out of the bar. He was concerned not just for his own safety but concerned for the patrons who were still inside the bar.

“She did exit the pub but continued to cause damage on the way out. After that she exited the train station by way of the railway.

“We accept no assault by beating took place but the manager said he was quite scared by the incident. It could have caused him significant damage if he had been hit by the pint pot, if he had not moved out of the way.

“He was not just concerned about himself but other people in the bar.”


Her lawyer David Feingold said: ''She had a very difficult upbringing and the fault to an extent lies with parenting. It can't be with the child in those circumstances.

“She was bullied, abused and it carried on when she went into education.

"She was very badly abused and there is a reference to her father’s suicide. She still suffers from PTSD in relation to the abuse and the death of her father.

“Her mother is not in a very good place. She is a drug user and has depression.

"She has allowed Miss Brosnan to use her address as a care-of address but they are not close. Looking at the offence. It's not a pleasant offence. It's bad. It's not right that people should do that.

“If they have problems they need treatment. That's what they should be doing – having their problems treated.

“Whether it was reckless throwing or whether it was aimed, it’s beyond her because she was in a state. But she still did it. The alcohol intake was her own fault.”

Mr Feingold told the court that she seemed to have made "a genuine apology" and that she "wishes to do better".

The solicitor added: “It must be explained to her that she is getting nearer and nearer the point where the bench is going to say ‘Off to jail you go’ but I do not believe that you have not reached that point today.

“But if you believe that the matter has crossed the custody threshold then in this case I would urge you consider suspending that sentence with the same terms of the proposal of the probation service bearing in mind the mitigation.

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”What has been suggested is an alcohol treatment requirement. She cooperated with the previous one but has had one or two slips.''

JPs said: “We are minded to go along with the recommendations of the probation service.”

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