Drunk Afghan refugee drags 17-year-old German girl off bus by her hair

Drunk Afghan refugee drags 17-year-old German girl off bus by her hair

January 23, 2019

Drunk Afghan refugee drags 17-year-old German girl off a bus by her hair before the vehicle rolls over her legs leaving her seriously hurt

  • Girl, 17, was with her friend, 14m in Minden, Germany, when they were harassed
  • Teens ran towards a bus to escape and the driver opened the doors for them 
  • Afghan refugee, 22, dragged the girl off by her hair after the bus started moving
  • She then fell into the road and was run over by the bus, causing serious injuries 

A teenage girl has been left seriously injured after she was run over by a bus while trying to escape being harassed by a drunk Afghan refugee in Germany. 

The girl, 17, was waiting at a bus terminal in Minden, 45 miles from Hanover, with her 14-year-old friend around 9pm on Saturday when the 22-year-old man approached.

The man repeatedly harassed the 17-year-old so she and her friend fled towards a nearby bus, and the 41-year-old driver opened the doors to let them on.

The 17-year-old and her friend were waiting at this bus terminal in Minden, Germany, when they were repeatedly harassed by a 22-year-old Afghan refugee

But the refugee and his companion, 21, jumped on board the bus – which had started moving – and dragged the girl off by her hair, Junge Freiheit reports.

The girl slipped and fell into the road as she was dragged off the bus, causing it to roll over her legs, leaving her with serious injuries according to Behoerdenstress.

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Passersby rushed to help the girl while the bus driver chased after the two men, hoping to take a picture of them.

But as he ran after the pair, the 21-year-old slapped him in the face.

The girl ran to get on a bus to escape the man, who then pulled her off by her hair, causing her to fall under the wheels and seriously hurt her legs (pictured, the town of Minden)

Police and ambulance crews arrived a short time later, and the 17-year-old was taken to hospital where she is recovering.

Officers arrested the 22-year-old at the scene and found the 21-year-old a short time later. Both men were found to be drunk.

The 22-year-old was charged with assault and brought before a district court the following day, while his companion was allowed to go after sobering up.

Junge Freiheit describes the second man as being of ‘non-German origin’, though it is not clear where he is from. 

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