Dramatic moment man sparks a huge blaze in a fireworks shop by firing rockets

Dramatic moment man sparks a huge blaze in a fireworks shop by firing rockets

January 29, 2022

A MIDDLE-aged man has been arrested on arson charges after he set a fireworks shop alight using their own products.

Dramatic footage of the shop, called Qinfa, shows staff running for their lives and trying to hide behind shelves as the fireworks go off in quick succession.

The entire building goes up in smoke after the poppers quickly ignite other fireworks on the shop floor.

Witnesses to the blaze in Hanzhong City in north-western China’s Shaanxi Province told how the suspect, a 45-year-old man named only as Li, had bought a few boxes of the shop’s fireworks mere moments before the blaze started.

Li was seen placing a box in front of the shop facing the entrance, and then left before setting it on fire.

Security footage of the incident shows two employees running out of fear for their lives as the fireworks start going off.



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A second employee and her 10-year-old son are forced to run for cover in the worst possible place – behind shelves lined with more fireworks.

Luckily, everyone in the shop escaped unharmed, and emergency services were able to control the fire in under an hour.

Li later turned himself in, and is facing a number of arson charges.

Chinese authorities believe the 45-year-old man’s crime was an act of revenge, after police busted him for keeping an illegal stash of 259 fireworks in his home.

They seized the pyrotechnics and handed them over to the Qinfa fireworks for temporary storage, with Li carrying out his revenge plot before the cops could relocate the products.

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