Down-to-earth Kate Middleton will be Britain’s new Queen of Hearts… I kid you not – The Sun

Down-to-earth Kate Middleton will be Britain’s new Queen of Hearts… I kid you not – The Sun

January 24, 2020

IT was just a few little words, but oh how they resonated with every single first- time mother.

Kate Middleton admitted this week that she felt “cut off and isolated” when she moved to Wales after the birth of her first son George, and we all fell a little bit more in love with her.

Kate was meeting other mums at a children and parents’ centre in Cardiff when she shared her feelings of loneliness after moving to Anglesey, where Prince William began working as a pilot for the local ambulance service.

Kate had endured a tough pregnancy and was recovering from the birth when they moved to an area far away from her friends and family. She didn’t know anyone and her husband was often working night shifts.

She told mums that she would have loved to have had a similar community centre on her doorstep where she could have made friends and met other women in the same boat.

It was endearing to hear her being so open about her feelings. And for her to share the sort of anxieties that affect all of us when we first become parents. You believed she would have popped in for a cuppa and chat.

Fair play to Kate, who amid all of the recent royal turmoil has just been quietly getting on with the job.

At the start of the week she looked flawlessly elegant at a very grand reception for African leaders that would normally have been hosted by the Queen or Prince Charles.

Instead, William and Kate were deemed ready to fly the flag for her Majesty’s beloved Commonwealth, and by all accounts it was a success.

We can expect William and Kate to shoulder a lot more of these prestigious events in the months and years to come.

They have just the right balance of glamour and gravitas and, in these troubled times, with Prince Andrew in disgrace and Harry and Meghan trying to find their own path, the canny Queen knows how important it is to show royal continuity.

Just as Kate looked regal at the palace reception, she then showed her down to earth and very human side, sharing stories of motherhood with other parents during a 24-hour mini tour to promote a cause close to her heart.


Kate is passionate about improving the lives of children under five to give them the best possible start in life.

Her charities give practical help to struggling parents and Kate was keen to visit mums, dads and workers at the coalface to get a proper idea of exactly what is needed.

As well as dropping in to children’s centres in poorer parts of the country, she also visited a women’s prison in Woking, Surrey, to listen to former inmates and to see for herself the help what the Forward First charity can give them.

Kate was also launching a landmark survey on early childhood development that she hopes will make a huge difference in the future, and she sees this whole project as a lifelong commitment.

The academic studies for her charities are all very laudable, but it’s when Kate connects with mums and their children that she comes into her own.

When she first came into the Royal Family she was understandably shy, a bit stiff and wrongly considered by some to be aloof and standoffish.

Now Kate can instantly put everyone in the room at ease.

She has a knack of talking to children that is never patronising but makes them comfortable enough to tug at her skirt and ask her to help them wash their hands.

It’s a rare skill and one that will be invaluable as the Royal Family undergoes a modernisation period, becoming leaner, more streamlined and remaining relevant.

That’s not going to be plain sailing, especially with scandals such as Prince Andrew’s involvement with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein refusing to go away.

But Kate is their trump card, and like her late, much-missed mum-in-law, could one day be our Queen of Hearts.

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