Donald Trump wishes Ghislaine Maxwell 'well' AGAIN  despite backlash and suggests he doesn’t know why she was arrested

Donald Trump wishes Ghislaine Maxwell 'well' AGAIN despite backlash and suggests he doesn’t know why she was arrested

January 30, 2022

DONALD Trump has again wished Ghislaine Maxwell “well” while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges – while seeming confused about her arrest.

The President told an interviewer, "she's now in jail. Yeah I'd wish her well… good luck."

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When Trump spoke to Axios on Monday, he was quizzed about the reason for an earlier comment where he offered sympathetic words to Maxwell.

He replied that he didn't know what Maxwell had been charged with.

Trump added: "But I do know that her friend or boyfriend was either killed or committed suicide in jail.

"She's now in jail, so yeah, I wish her well.

"I would wish you well. I would wish a lot of people well. Good luck. Let them prove somebody was guilty."

His comments come days after he initially offered his well-wishes and admitted that he had met her numerous times.

During a press briefing at the White House on July 22, Trump was asked if he thought Maxwell – who has pleaded not guilty to federal sex trafficking charges and was a long-time companion of Jeffrey Epstein – would turn in powerful men.

Trump responded then: "I don't know – I haven't really been following it too much. I just wish her well, frankly."

The president continued: "I've met her numerous times over the years – especially since I lived in Palm Beach, and I guess they lived in Palm Beach. But I wish her well."

His well-wishes raised fears that he was sending a message to the accused sex trafficker that he will pardon her, an outraged victims' lawyer claimed at the time.

Spencer Kuvin, who represents several victims of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, said it was "insane" that a US President would make such a comment about an alleged "sexual predator" as she awaited trial on charges of trafficking minors.

"If I were Ghislaine Maxwell and heard a quote like that from the President of the United States, I certainly would think to myself that I've got him on my side as things go on," he added.

The Florida-based attorney told The Sun: "I think Trump speaking out wishing well [an alleged] sexual predator is scary to say the least.

"But possibly it shows Trump's potential willingness to, for nothing else, send a message to her that if she keeps quiet, that he may give her a favor in the future, which may include pardon."

Kuvin referenced Roger Stone, Trump's former adviser who the US leader recently freed from prison after he was convicted of lying to Congress and obstructing the probe into alleged Russian election meddling.

He said: "He's used this tact before, we don't have to look much further than Roger Stone who on numerous occasions, Trump spoke highly of even while he was being prosecuted."

During Monday's interview with Axios, Trump also suggested that paedophile financier Epstein may have been murdered in his prison cell rather than killing himself.

The President’s comment is sure to add fuel to conspiracy theories that Epstein was killed by powerful people before he could implicate them in his vile sex-trafficking crimes.

Epstein was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges at a federal prison in Manhattan when he was found hanged on the morning of August 10 last year.

An autopsy revealed he had a fracture to his neck and New York’s chief medical examiner Dr Barbara Sampson concluded the death was a "suicide".

Meanwhile victims fear that Ghislaine Maxwell, 58, who is being held in a Brooklyn jail on charges regarding her part in Epstein’s sex trafficking, could die before she faces justice. 

In a sit-down interview with Axios's Jonathan Swan which aired last night, Trump appeared to cast doubt on the official ruling on how Epstein died.

When asked by Swan why he wished suspected sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell well, he replied: "Her boyfriend [Epstein] died in jail — yeah I wish her well… good luck.

"Let them prove somebody was guilty… Her boyfriend [Epstein] died in jail, and people are still trying to figure out how did it happen. 

"Was it suicide? Was he killed? And I do wish her well. I'm not looking for anything bad for her. I'm not looking bad for anybody.

"Her boyfriend died in jail, was he killed, was it suicide… I do, I wish her well."

But the President is not the only one to raise doubt on the circumstances of Epstein's death.

“Was it suicide? Was he killed? And I do wish her well. I'm not looking for anything bad for her

It is now under investigation by the Justice Department.

And notably, given that he was New York City’s former chief medical examiner, Dr Michael Baden disputed the verdict of his successor Barbara Sampson.

Baden insisted on Fox News he may have been strangled.

He said: "I think that the evidence points toward homicide rather than suicide."

He was hired by Epstein’s family — who were appalled about allegation but suspicious about his sudden death — to observe his autopsy

Epstein's victims, who have waited decades for justice, hope they now have the opportunity to hold Maxwell to account for her alleged role in grooming and abusing dozens of girls and women, something that she strenuously denies. 

Yet many fear justice could be thwarted if she dies in her cell like her co-accused and former lover.

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Some victims fear she may try to killer herself while others fears she might be murdered because she, like her ex-boyfriend, could implicate rich and powerful people.

Epstein and Maxwell are known to have been well-connected, and had reportedly boasted in the past about having video evidence of abuse carried out by US politicians and high-society figures.


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