Donald Trump warns Republicans will 'never forget' as he rips ally Tom Cotton for not challenging Biden win

Donald Trump warns Republicans will 'never forget' as he rips ally Tom Cotton for not challenging Biden win

January 4, 2021

DONALD Trump's longtime advisor and ally Senator Tom Cotton has announced he will NOT object to the certification of the 2020 election result, much to Trump's distaste.

The rising star of the Republican party declared in a statement on Sunday that challenging the electoral votes of several swing states could "establish unwise precedents."

The Arkansas Senator joined Senator Lindsey Graham in denouncing his fellow GOP colleagues in the Senate who plan to object the election results at the congressional meeting on Wednesday.

The disloyalty seems to have ruffled Trump's feathers, as he took to Twitter to express his fury at the 'Surrender Caucus' and Cotton's refusal to denounce Biden's election win.

He wrote: "The “Surrender Caucus” within the Republican Party will go down in infamy as weak and ineffective “guardians” of our Nation, who were willing to accept the certification of fraudulent presidential numbers!"

Trump said of Cotton's comments: "How can you certify an election when the numbers being certified are verifiably WRONG. You will see the real numbers tonight during my speech, but especially on JANUARY 6th.

"@SenTomCotton Republicans have pluses & minuses, but one thing is sure, THEY NEVER FORGET!"

The series of tweets were flagged by Twitter who added the warning, "This claim about election fraud is disputed."

The congressional meeting on January 6,the final step in confirming President-elect Joe Biden's win, is where the electoral votes of each state will be officially counted.

A group of 11 pro-Trump Republican Senators will object to Joe Biden's win and demand an investigation into the allegedly fraudulent election.

Cotton did express his concern about how the 2020 presidential election was carried out – such as changes to election laws allowing mail-in ballots arriving after election day being counted.

However, he argued it is up to the states and the courts to regulate election laws, rather than Congress.

"The Founders entrusted our elections chiefly to the states — not Congress. They entrusted the election of our president to the people, acting through the Electoral College — not Congress.

"And they entrusted the adjudication of election disputes to the courts — not Congress,” he said in the Sunday evening statement.

“Under the Constitution and federal law, Congress’s power is limited to counting electoral votes submitted by the state,” he said. 

Cotton also believes disputing the authenticity of states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin would "take away the power to choose the president from the people."

These states have been pivotal in Donald Trump's disregard for the election results, as he baselessly claims they were victims of widespread election fraud.

Cotton then suggested Congress overriding the Electoral College's vote would "take another big step toward federalizing election law."

“Thus, I will not oppose the counting of certified electoral votes on Jan. 6,” he said. 

Despite being a loyal Trump supporter and expressing his disappointment at the election results, Cotton appeared to be comfortable with his stance.

He said: “Objecting to certified electoral votes won’t give him a second term — it will only embolden those Democrats who want to erode further our system of constitutional government.”

Other Trump supporters posted their discontent online regarding Cotton's decision, such as Dan Whitfield, an Independent candidate for Senate from Arkansas, who said: "Cotton is only worried about his own presidential race in 2024."

The former Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, said Trump was in a "really good position" for his showdown in Congress this week.

Trump's latest Twitter outburst comes after he reposted a promotional video for a "#MarchForTrump" on January 6th in Washington, D.C.

He quoted the tweet and wrote: "I will be there. Historic day!"

It has further heightened fears voiced by the former aide to Vice President Mike Pence, Olivia Troye, that violence will erupt as Trump "encourages it."

She told MSNBC's Deadline:"This is what he does. He tweets, he incites it, and he gets followers and supporters to behave in this manner, and they believe they are being patriots because they're supporting the president."

Biden's decisive win over Trump, 306-232, has seen the Trump campaign launch numerous unsuccessful legal cases in an attempt to overturn the election results.

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