Dog wears sunglasses as it rides a miniature car in Thai market

Dog wears sunglasses as it rides a miniature car in Thai market

November 20, 2019

Paw-wheel drive! Cute dog wearing sunglasses rides a miniature car through a marketplace in Thailand

  • The canine was filmed in an open-top black-and-white vehicle in Chiang Mai
  • Shoppers marvelled at the dog, whose car had a side pot containing money
  • Meanwhile, its owner stealthily operated the car at some distance behind

A cute dog wearing blue-tinted sunglasses cruised through a market in Thailand… while appearing to drive a miniature car.  

Adorable footage shows the canine in the open-top black-and-white vehicle as it slowly passes market stalls in Chiang Mai, in the north of the country.

With one paw on the wheel, the little dog makes its way past bemused shoppers and stallholders.

Meanwhile, the pet’s owner following behind is stealthily operating the car – on the side of which hangs a basket containing money.

The cute dog heads down a marketplace in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in its very own miniature car

Wearing blue-tinted sunglasses, the pint-sized pooch passes an array of stalls. Meanwhile, the operator of the remote-controlled car follows some distance behind their pet

Along the way, the dog – possibly a shaved Pomeranian – checks out stalls selling clothing, and fruit and vegetables. 

Irina Nosova spotted the pup in the remote-controlled car at Chiang Mai’s weekend market on October 26, and couldn’t resist recording the spectacle. 

There are an estimated 8.5million dogs in Thailand, of which around 750,000 are free-roaming street dogs – known as ‘soi’. 

The large number of strays is partly down to the sheer number of owners who have abandoned their pets, or have not had the animals spayed.

The footage was posted by Irina Nosova at Chiang Mai’s weekend market on October 26

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