Did Tucker Carlson's comments about religion lead to his firing?

Did Tucker Carlson's comments about religion lead to his firing?

April 26, 2023

‘Rupert Murdoch doesn’t like all that spiritual talk’: Tucker Carlson was fired after preaching about good, evil and the need for prayer – after tycoon’s ex-fiancée Ann Lesley Smith said the firebrand anchor was a ‘messenger from God’

  • Rupert Murdoch had Carlson for dinner at his Bel Air vineyard recently with his ex fiancée Ann Lesley Smith
  • Carlson gave a speech on Friday night about good evil and the need for prayer 

One of the contributors to Tucker Carlson’s sudden firing from Fox this week may have been an evangelical speech on Friday night where he preached about ‘good and evil’. 

Carlson was fired without warning on Monday morning after leading Fox News’ top primetime show for seven years. There has been much speculation surrounding what sealed his fate. 

Some sources say Murdoch and other Fox News executives were outraged by Carlson’s unflattering remarks about them that became public in the Dominion lawsuit record. Others say it was down to a recent discrimination lawsuit filed against him and some of his most senior staff by a former booking producer. 

Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman cites sources who say overtly religious displays such as Carlson’s on Friday night ‘freak’ Rupert Murdoch ‘out’.

‘That stuff freaks Rupert out. He doesn’t like all the spiritual talk.’ 

The speech came just a few weeks after Murdoch’s ex-fiancée, Ann Lesley Smith, is said to have called Carlson a ‘messenger from God’.

The pair had discussed religion during a recent dinner at Murdoch’s Bel Air vineyard. Murdoch called off the brief engagement after two weeks. 

On Friday night, Tucker Carlson gave a 36-minute speech at The Heritage Foundation where he lamented not praying more and despaired for the future of America 


He was the keynote speaker at The Heritage Foundation’s 50th anniversary gala and used his speech to talk about the growing need for prayer in America and the ‘fraudulent debates’ he’d found himself caught up in. 

Fox has not divulge the exact reason for Carlson’s firing. 

A News Corp source however dismissed the notion that the Heritage Foundation speech was to blame.  

In his 36-minute speech, Carlson lamented not praying more and said he – unlike the rest of the country – was paid to give his opinion. 

He railed against the ‘herd mentality’ many fell into during ‘George Floyd and COVID’, and people are not ‘trained’ to speak out against the ideas they disagree with. 

‘We should stop engaging in these totally fraudulent debates, where we are using the terms that we used in 1991 when I started at [The Heritage Foundation], as if maybe I could just win the debate if I marshaled more facts.

‘I’ve tried. That doesn’t work. And two, maybe we should all take just 10 minutes a day to say a prayer about it. I’m serious. Why not?

‘And I’m saying that to you not as some kind of evangelist, I’m literally saying that to you as an Episcopalian, the Samaritans of our time. I’m coming to you from the most humble and lowly theological position you can. I’m literally an Episcopalian.

‘And even I have concluded it might be worth taking just 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to say a prayer for the future, and I hope you will.’ 

Carlson also called some pro-choice arguments ‘evil’, and equated abortion with ‘child sacrifice’. 

Rupert Murdoch hosted Carlson with his former fiancée, Ann Lesley Smith, for dinner recently. She gushed that Carlson was a ‘messenger from God’ 

Tucker Carlson, pictured for the first time since he left Fox, with his wife Susan in Florida last night 

‘When people, or crowds of people, or the largest crowd of people at all, which is the federal government, the largest human organization in human history decide that the goal is to destroy things, destruction for its own sake, “Hey, let’s tear it down,” what you’re watching is not a political movement. It’s evil. 

‘This is not necessarily just a Christian notion, this is kind of a, I would say, widely agreed-upon understanding of good and evil. 

‘Good is characterized by order, calmness, tranquility, peace, whatever you want to call it, lack of conflict, cleanliness. Cleanliness is next to godliness. 

And evil is characterized by their opposites. Violence, hate, disorder, division, disorganization, and filth. 

‘So, if you are all in on the things that produce the latter basket of outcomes, what you’re really advocating for is evil. 

‘That’s just true. I’m not calling for religious war. Far from it. I’m merely calling for an acknowledgement of what we’re watching.’ 

Carlson was spotted outside his Florida home by DailyMail.com last night. 

In his first public remarks about his firing, he joked: ‘Retirement is great so far! I haven’t eaten dinner with my wife on a weeknight in seven years.

‘Appetizers plus entrée!’ 

He is yet to confirm his next move.

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