Delivery driver catches traffic warden parked on double yellow lines

Delivery driver catches traffic warden parked on double yellow lines

January 9, 2019

Delivery driver catches out traffic warden parked on double yellow lines while she issues tickets

  • Josh Turner, 26, saw a traffic warden issuing a fine to an ‘old lady’ in Birmingham 
  • He followed the officer to her car and asked why it was parked on double yellows 
  • She replied ‘I can park where I want’ in clip which he has shared on social media 

This is the moment a delivery driver challenged a traffic warden as she parked on double yellow lines as she gave someone a ticket for doing the same.

Josh Turner says he was walking past the warden in Birmingham as she gave an elderly woman a penalty notice.

The 26-year-old took out his mobile phone and asked how she could hand out fines for something she was doing herself.

Mr Turner was outraged to see a traffic warden park this car on double yellows in Birmingham while fining a woman for doing the same thing 

But she is heard responding to him during the confrontation on December 28, saying: ‘I can park where I want.’

Mr Turner shared the video on social media, branding Civil Enforcement Officers ‘sneaky w******’.

‘I was walking past and she was waking up and down the road then I saw her giving an old lady a ticket for parking on yellows so I started filming her she walked off soon as I got my phone out and saw her car on double yellows herself,’ he said. ‘She just drove off soon as she seen me videoing.’

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Before the warden drove off, Mr Turner told her ‘you’re doing people for parking on double yellow lines and you’re on double yellows yourself’ as she walked to her car.

Once she was inside the vehicle, he walked up to the driver’s side and puts his camera up to the window, continuing to point out that she was on double yellows.

A spokeswoman for Birmingham City Council said that traffic wardens across the country are permitted to park on double yellows.

Mr Turner followed the traffic warden back to her car then continued to ask her why she had parked on double yellows while she was sat in the driver’s seat (right)

‘Civil enforcement officers are permitted to park in contravention of parking restrictions while carrying out their enforcement duties,’ she said. 

‘Clearly, if they are able to park where they will not be contravening restrictions then they will do so, but the nature of their work very obviously means this is not always possible. 

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