Death row 'womb raider' Lisa Montgomery was 'raped by stepdad and pals in specially built room when she was 11'

Death row 'womb raider' Lisa Montgomery was 'raped by stepdad and pals in specially built room when she was 11'

January 6, 2021

AMERICA’S only current female death row inmate – nicknamed 'womb raider' was 'raped by stepdad and pals in a specially built room when she was 11'. 

Lisa Montgomery’s lawyers have stated she was abused in a specially-built room by her stepfather and his friends, a court heard on Tuesday. 

Her lawyers have now revealed new information in order for the 52-year-old to be spared execution. 

The 11th hour plea from her lawyers has been directed to President Trump after a judge dismissed an appeal against Montgomery’s execution last week. 

Montgomery, is due to be executed by lethal injection but her lawyers say it is wrong to execute her because of her mental illness.

At the age of 11, Montgomery was attacked by stepfather Jack, who has been described as a ‘’mean drunk’’ who beat and raped her.

The assaults became regular, prompting Jack to build a specially-constructed room at the back of their trailer where he could assault Montgomery for the next four years. 

Montgomery’s stepfather would rape and sodomise her, often using a pillow to smother her face and when she resisted he slammed her head so hard on the concrete floor that she suffered a traumatic brain injury. 

The abuse expanded over time, with her stepfathers friends gang raping her, with ordeals lasting hours and even leading to the men urinating on her.

Montgomery was subjected to abuse from her mother when she willingly sold her child to the electrician and plumber, if there was an odd job that needed doing. 

What happened to Montgomery has been classified as torture by doctors, psychologists and social workers.

Montgomery is due to be executed on January 12 for strangling her friend Bobbie Jo Stinnet, then cutting Stinett’s unborn daughter from her womb.

In December 2004, Montgomery, 36 at the time, traveled from her home in Kansas to the town of Skidmore, Missouri to meet Bobbie Jo Stinnett, 23, a woman she had got to know online through their shared love of dogs.

Stinnett, was a dog breeder, and subsequently eight months pregnant with her first child. 

Montgomery went to see her to buy a puppy, but once inside the house she attacked Stinnett and strangled her to death with a rope.

She then cut out the fetus using a kitchen knife, and attempted to pass off the newborn baby as her own.

It is believed that Montgomery may have suffered from a miscarriage before she targeted Stinnett.

Stinnet’s unborn baby, named Victoria Jo survived, and was returned to Stinnett’s husband Zeb after Montgomery was arrested.

The 52-year-old is currently locked up at the all-female Federal Medical Center Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas where she remains the only woman on federal death row.

The Trump administration however, intends to put her to death in seven days on the grounds that she is a cold-hearted murderer and being locked up for the rest of her life is insufficient punishment. 

Her lawyers said: ‘Lisa Montgomery’s life was filled with torture, terror, failure, and betrayal.’ Montgomery was born brain-damaged because of her mother’s drinking, the court was told.

The attorneys said on Tuesday that they intend to take the execution rescheduling case to the Supreme Court.

"We have legal avenues that remain open to us. We will be fighting as hard as possible to prevent this execution from taking place," said Professor Sandra Babcock, an attorney on Montgomery's case.

"We are asking for President Trump to please hear our plea. He can be a hero," said Kelley Henry, one of Montgomery's other attorneys stated.

"In this case … he can make a very public statement about the importance of ending the stigmatization of mental illness."

The White House declined to comment and a request for comment from the Justice Department regarding the petition was not immediately returned.

The 52-year-old's execution date was originally set for December 8, however it was moved to January 12, after her attorneys contracted coronavirus while working on her case.

The delay gives Montgomery's attorney's time to prepare a clemency application, as reported by USA Today.

Montgomery’s plea for clemency was supported by her older sister, Diane Mattingley who told the press of the abuse they had to endure.

Mattingley was also raped, sometimes whilst in the same room as her younger sister. 

President Trump ordered a resumption of federal executions for the first time since 2002.

After he ordered 17 federal prisoners to be executed in 2020 – the most killed at the hands of any US president since the 19th century.

Montgomery may become the first female executed by the federal government in 67 years if her appeal is rejected. The last woman to be federally executed was Bonnie Heady, who died in a gas chamber in Missouri in 1953.

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