Dash cam footage shows highway patroller caught in whiteout

Dash cam footage shows highway patroller caught in whiteout

December 23, 2022

What zero visibility REALLY looks like! Terrifying dash cam footage shows highway patrol trooper caught in a total whiteout – as at least six are killed on treacherous roads

  • The massive, deadly winter storm battering the US has caused treacherous driving conditions around the country 
  • Storm-related road deaths have been reported in Oregon, Kansas and Oklahoma
  • The bomb cyclone has also led to power outages and canceled travel plans ahead of the holiday weekend

Videos pouring in from across the country illustrate the terrifying driving conditions brought about by the massive blizzard battering the U.S. this week.

One dash cam video out of Cheyenne, Wyoming shows a driver with zero visibility as wave after wave of snow is whipped in front of his vehicle.

A bomb cyclone storm has plunged much of the country into potentially deadly, subzero temperatures as cold air speeds toward the US from Canada.

The arctic blast is expected to head as far south as Texas and is bringing with it massive amounts of snow that are creating increasingly dangerous road conditions.

Traffic was forced to stop after a semi-truck lost control on I-70E as the winter bomb cyclone continues to wallop the US

The shocking video shows a Wyoming state trooper’s experience attempting to navigate his position as the storm walloped Cheyenne and temperatures fell to minus 18 degrees.

Any visibility ends at the hood of the trooper’s car, after which a total whiteout was in full effect.

Troopers were out responding to hundreds of calls as the storm intensified.

Accidents and at least six deaths are being reported across the US as the storm travels from state to state, dramatically disrupting holiday travel plans of many Americans.

As many as two-thirds of US flights are expected to be canceled or delayed. Amtrak train service and many bus lines were reporting changes and cancelations across the country on Friday morning.

On Friday alone, around 10,000 US flights were delayed and over 3,000 have been canceled. 

Cars drive along a snowed and frozen road near John Glenn Columbus International Airport in Columbus, Ohio as a major winter storm brings subzero temperatures across the United States

A man takes a picture along Lake Michigan at sunrise as temperatures hover about -8 degrees on December 22, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois

In addition to the cold front, strong winds of up to 35 miles per hour are expected to accompany the already frightening weather, creating potentially life-threatening temperatures and wind chill of negative 30 degrees.

Domenica Davis, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel said that blowing and drifting snow will be the ‘major concern’ with this storm.

The highest additional snowfall totals along the path of the deadly winter storm are likely going to be found near the Great Lakes, as well as the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, western Lower Michigan, far northern Indiana and western northern New York, according to Fox.

The country’s northern plains are expected to receive wind chills as low as negative 70 degrees.

The Kansas Highway Patrol reported three fatal crashed on Wednesday that were likely weather related. Two more were reported in Oklahoma, and one fatal crash occurred in Oregon on Tuesday due to icy roads. 

Traffic on the I-70E outside of Columbus, Ohio was brought to a standstill when a semi-truck lost control.

In New Jersey, the Department of Transportation has also issued a commercial vehicle travel restriction on Interstate highways that began at 9am on Friday. 

The forecast predicts that temperatures will fall rapidly starting in the afternoon, which may lead to a flash freeze on wet roadways across the state. 

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