Dad of US jihadi bride SUES Donald Trump for banning her from America despite her urging fanatics to 'spill blood'

Dad of US jihadi bride SUES Donald Trump for banning her from America despite her urging fanatics to 'spill blood'

January 28, 2022

THE dad of US jihadi bride Hoda Muthana is suing Donald Trump for banning her from America – despite her urging fanatics to "spill blood".

Muthana, 24, is living in a Syrian refugee camp with her 18-month-old son after fleeing the remnants of ISIS.

Ahmed Ali Muthana argues in the suit filed in federal court in Washington that his daughter is an American citizen by birth and should be allowed to come back to the US with her toddler.

The Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America (CLCMA) filed a complaint on his behalf.

It says that the civil suit is not aimed at "defending her from criminal prosecution, but instead [recognises] her US citizenship, which prior to her departure was not in dispute, and the citizenship of her young son.”

The CLCMA says that in Muthana's words, she recognises she has “ruined” her own life, “but does not want to ruin the life of her young child.”

The organisation said that citizenship "should not be able to be unilaterally revoked by [a] tweet – no matter how egregious the intervening conduct may be.”


Donald Trump tweeted on Wednesday that he had instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to bar her from returning to America, "and he fully agrees".

Pompeo said she can't return to the US as she has no "legal basis" to claim American citizenship.

Early last week, the ISIS bride who fled America to answer a “higher calling” with the terror group publicly begged to return home after being forced to eat grass to survive in Syria.

Muthana said she was "thankful for America's freedoms" and regretted ever aligning herself with ISIS.

In an interview with ABC News, while holding her child, Muthana said: "I’m just a normal human being who has been manipulated once and hopefully never again."

She wants freedom and safety for the son she had with one of two ISIS fighters she wed – both of whom were killed in combat.


However, Trump and Pompeo are blocking her return to America, saying Muthana has "no right to a passport nor any visa to travel to the US".

During her time with the terror group she advocated violence, urging ISIS supporters on Twitter to "drive all over" Americans, including Veterans and patriots, and "spill all of their blood" after her first husband was killed in Kobani.

Muthana's lawyers said in a statement that she expects to be charged with providing material support to terrorism if she is allowed to return to the US.

Associated Press reports that her family and their lawyers say they were told that America determined she did not qualify for citizenship because her father was a Yemeni diplomat at the time of her birth.

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But her family argues that is incorrect.

They say that her father ceased to be a diplomat before she was born in Hackensack, New Jersey, and that she had a legitimate passport when she left the US to join ISIS in Syria in 2014.

The Obama administration initially determined she was not a citizen and notified her family that it was revoking her passport in January 2016.

Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, a person born in the US to an accredited foreign diplomatic officer is not subject to US law and is not automatically considered a US citizen at birth.

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