Dad of Qatar oil rig survivor attacked by 'colleague who battered roommate to death' says 'beating was out of the blue' | The Sun

Dad of Qatar oil rig survivor attacked by 'colleague who battered roommate to death' says 'beating was out of the blue' | The Sun

December 15, 2022

THE dad of an oil rig worker who survived a deadly attack in Qatar said the brutal beating was "completely unprovoked".

Chris Begley was left injured in the violent row as another oil worker was allegedly beaten to death by his roommate.

A British oil rig worker, believed to be from Aberdeen, Scotland, has been arrested following the row on the Seafox Burj platform oil platform in the Persian Gulf.

The victim was allegedly bludgeoned to death with an oxygen tank in the cabin they shared with the suspect.

Mr Begley, an ROV pilot from Coatbridge, Lanarkshire was also beaten when he went to look for his missing pal.

The man died in the early hours of Monday morning while Mr Begley was hospitalised after the attack.

His father, Dennis Begley, 64, told the Daily Record his son knew the alleged killer.

He said: "The man who attacked Christopher is someone known to him, but there was no bad feeling between them before this.

"It was completely unprovoked and makes no sense to us at all."

Despite the beating, Dennis confirmed his son's injuries are not life-threatening.

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He said:“They all work together. There’s been no animosity between any of them. This seems to be completely random.

“There wasn’t any bad feeling among them or anything like that. That’s why it’s pretty bizarre. There was no indication of any problem or anything within them.

"There certainly wasn’t any ill feeling among any of them so I don’t know what’s happened. He never saw the body.

“He went into the room but he never seen the body. Basically, he got hit over the head with something. I think it was a pipe.

“He’s fine. Bashed in the head a bit. But he’s okay. Nothing life-threatening.

"There’ve been reports that he was in a coma but that’s not true. He’s back home in Scotland.

“All hell broke loose and the guy hit him over the head before he strangled him.

“Luckily there was so much commotion that the other workers heard it and went to help.

“They had to break down the door but they were able to get the attacker off of him. They probably saved his life.”

The horror unfolded in the early hours of Monday and it’s believed all three men are Scottish contractors for Aberdeenshire-based Ocean-Film, which supplies remotely operated vehicles and specialists.

Cops flew out in choppers and locked the rig down as they launched a murder probe.

An insider said: “He murdered the guy then very calmly went about trying to cover up what he’d done.

“He said he’d had some kind of family emergency and wanted to be flown off the rig as soon as possible.

“But it looks as if he was planning to throw the body over the side before he got on the chopper.”

It’s believed the victim was from Aberdeenshire and had only recently become a father.

Pals said he was about to fly home for a wedding.

A picture claimed to be from the rig shows one of the tanks lying on the ground while the front door of a cabin is barricaded with a mattress.

It’s believed the alleged killer wrapped the body in a blanket in the bathroom before he went for something to eat.

One oil worker said: “This is the talk of the industry. No one can believe something as crazy  as this has happened on a rig.

“It appears as if the guy has had a complete mental breakdown and his roommate has tragically paid the price.”

It’s claimed another witness was flown off the rig and met by bosses as he was quizzed by the authorities.

The platform is owned and operated by North Oil Company and one of 33 in the huge Al-Shaheen field around 50 miles off the coast of Qatar.

Word of the tragedy quickly spread among stunned oil workers.

One said: “That is Christmas absolutely destroyed for at least two families.

“Working offshore is a tough job. The isolation and being away from your family for weeks at a time can be really hard to deal with.

“It’s good money but it’s a big sacrifice to make. It’s so sad that this has happened.”

An official from Qatar’s Ministry of Interior said: “Law enforcement authorities are investigating a 12 December incident at an offshore facility.

“The incident involved three British nationals working for a contractor company.

“One individual sustained fatal injuries, another was hospitalised and released. A third individual has been detained as part of a criminal investigation by the relevant authorities.”

A Film-Ocean spokesman added: “We can regretfully confirm one person has been fatally wounded and another has been injured following a non-work related incident on an offshore installation off Qatar.

“A third person has been taken into police custody and is assisting Qatari authorities with their inquiries.

“The injured worker received treatment in hospital in Qatar, but has since been released.

The next of kin of those involved have been informed, and the company is working to ensure they receive the appropriate support.

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“Film-Ocean is liaising with the Foreign and Commonwealth and Development Office, as well as other stakeholders, to establish the full circumstances surrounding the incident.”

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are supporting the family of a British man who has died and a man who has been injured in Qatar and are in contact with the local authorities.”

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