Conservative Writer Shocks 'Fox News' Hosts By Revealing Donald Trump Can Be Indicted

Conservative Writer Shocks 'Fox News' Hosts By Revealing Donald Trump Can Be Indicted

December 10, 2018

‘That kind of stops me in my tracks,’ one of the hosts said.

In an episode of Fox & Friends on Sunday, conservative writer Andrew McCarthy shocked the show’s three hosts by revealing that President Donald Trump can be indicted over campaign finance violations, Raw Story reports.

McCarthy, a National Review columnist, was invited to discuss his most recent op-ed penned for the Fox News official website. McCarthy’s latest column explores the repercussions the sentencing memos released Friday against Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, could have for Donald Trump. The memos were filed by New York federal prosecutors and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Throughout the column, McCarthy argues that the prosecutors will indict Donald Trump over campaign finance violations, pertaining to hush money payments Cohen made on behalf and at the direction of the president.

“The Southern District of New York case, which is different from the Mueller case on Cohen — they are clearly going after the president on campaign finance violations. It’s clear Trump is the target and he’ll be indicted eventually.”

While discussing his most recent piece with the Fox & Friends hosts, McCarthy repeated his claims, asserting once again that Donald Trump will likely be indicted over campaign finance violations.

“That kind of stops me in my tracks,” one of the hosts replied, and then asked the conservative writer to further elaborate on whether Trump can actually be indicted, citing the Justice Department’s alleged guidance that the president can, in fact, not be indicted.

“The president is not supposed to get an advantage from being president,” McCarthy calmly replied. “All we say is he can’t be put through the criminal process while he’s president.” The writer then went on to explain that Robert Mueller’s team might be setting the stage for what’s to come. He suggested that the special counsel may want to indict Trump and then take him to the courtroom.

“Are they setting the stage to file charges against him? I can’t come to any other conclusion,” he said.

It may come as a surprise to some that a Fox & Friends guest was given the opportunity to say something negative about President Donald Trump on air, since the conservative network is thought to be supportive of the president with whom it seemingly operates in coordination.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, studies and numerous media reports have revealed that Trump often parrots Fox News talking points on Twitter, hires former Fox News hosts, and maintains regular correspondence with one of the channel’s most familiar faces, Sean Hannity.

As the Daily Beast reported, Trump has been pushing against campaign finance violation accusations for months, once going as far as saying that the crimes he has been implicated in are not even crimes.

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