Christian art student sues woke college for 'censoring her views'

Christian art student sues woke college for 'censoring her views'

June 8, 2022

Christian art student sues Illinois college for slapping her with a ‘no contact order’ on behalf of woke students who complained about her sharing her conservative views

  • Maggie Dejong is suing the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 
  • She graduated in May 2022 after studying art therapy 
  • Dejong said she was labeled racist and ‘harmful’ for sharing her conservative views
  • Classmates took screenshots of her posts which compared CRT to Marxism, decried COVID lockdowns and criticized BLM riots
  • They also submitted posts she made on Instagram about abortion 
  • On one occasion, she wore a Blue Lives Matter hat to class and was compared to ‘someone eating peanuts around a person with a nut allergy’ 
  • In February, Dejong was told not to contact three of the students who complained

A Christian art student is suing a college in Illinois for slapping her with a no contact order against three of her classmates because they complained about her conservative views. 

Maggie R. Dejong was a student at the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She graduated earlier this year. 

A ‘devout’ Christian, she often shared her religious beliefs on social media and was even challenged by her classmates about them. 

Dejong claims in a lawsuit the school was determined to squash her views because they differed from the liberal teachers and classmates who said she made them feel unsafe. 

She ended up being hit with a no contact order for three of her classmates who are not named in the lawsuit, but who submitted screenshots of her Instagram posts to the school. 

Now, Dejong is suing the school. In a lawsuit obtained by, she tells of how she was singled out in class as the only conservative student. 

On one occasion, a classmate privately messaged her on Instagram after she uploaded a post about her religion. 

Maggie R. Dejong was a student at the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She graduated earlier this year

These are some of the posts that Maggie’s classmates complained about 

The original post said: ‘Don’t be deceived by [n]ew age practices.’ 

The classmate messaged her privately, accusing her of ‘saying a person’s belief system is wrong.’

She replied: ‘You ask a very good question [S.W.]:) In a relativist society, that can be viewed that way. But my personal held beliefs are grounded in objective truth by the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

‘My belief compels me to call out evil that holds people in spiritual bondage. You can totally disagree with me, and that is your right:) But it is out of love that I call this out.’ 

Dejong then says her words were used in that student’s art project which was titled ‘The Crushing Weight of Microaggressions.’ 

In February 2021, she came to class wearing a pro-police, ‘Back the Blue’ hat. 

She had already decided not to support calls to defund the police, and said she did not believe in BLM. 

When she came to class in the hat, she says her professor asked her to explain why she was wearing it.

Other posts she shared were about COVID-19 rules and lockdowns, Kyle Rittenhouse and the media

Other posts decried the January 6 Capitol riot which she agreed ‘set back’ conservatives’ cause 

Another post revealed her pro-life stance. The classmates complained about them all

‘Ms. DeJong said that she was wearing the hat to show her support for law enforcement and explained her belief that defunding the police would hurt society. 

‘Rather than take off the hat to appease Defendant [Megan] Robb and students who took offense to it, Ms. DeJong stood her ground as fellow students argued that the hat was a symbol of oppression and implied that Ms. DeJong was a racist for wearing it,’ the lawsuit reads. 

Months later, students called the hat ‘unsafe’. They compared it to someone eating peanuts next to a person with a nut allergy.

The teachers then told her that her social media comments were ‘problematic’. 

Among the posts that Dejong shared was one which decried the January 6 insurrection but said BLM riots ‘ruined the country’. 

Another was about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict which she saw as justice prevailing. 

Professor Shelly Goebl-Parker (left) and Director of Art Therapy Megan A. Robb (right)  issued out the ban

Rittenhouse was acquitted of murder after shooting dead BLM protesters in Kenosha. His team successfully argued that he feared for his life. 

Media coverage of the case preceding the trial was riddled with inaccuracies like that he had been driven to the town from another determined to kill. 

Dejong wrote on Instagram: ‘Justice and truth prevailed in the face of lies and deception from the mainstream media trying to twist the narrative. 

‘This gives hope to Americans. Praying protection over those jurors who have been threatened their lives.’ 

In February 2022, she was issued three ‘no contact orders’ which told her she could not communicate with three students in the school. 

Now, she is seeking compensatory and punitive damages. She accused the university of having a ‘pitchfork’ mentality. 

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