Chris Evans Calls VP Mike Pence An ‘Obsequious Little Worm’ For Promoting Trump’s Wall Demands

Chris Evans Calls VP Mike Pence An ‘Obsequious Little Worm’ For Promoting Trump’s Wall Demands

January 9, 2019

Captain America himself is dissing VP Mike Pence. Chris Evans called out the veep for being a ‘worm’ for backing up Trump’s claims that past presidents are backing his border wall.

Chris Evans is not here for Mike Pence and his defense of President Donald Trump‘s border wall claims. The Captain America star called out the Vice President for repeating lies by his boss that former U.S. presidents have told them they should have built the wall that the tycoon so desperately wants. After seeing a clip from the Today Show where Pence backed up Trump’s blatant fib, the actor had enough. “Wow. @VP is an obsequious little worm desperately trying to sanitize Trump’s lies. He has no shame. Keep tap dancing you fool. We all see you,” Chris tweeted on Jan. 8.

This came just hours before Trump will appear on national TV to make a demand for a southern border wall. Congress has refused to fund the five-billion dollar project, which the tycoon promised Mexico — not U.S. taxpayers — would pay for during his presidential run. As a result of the budget stalemate, the federal government shut down on Dec. 22 and it is now the longest shutdown in U.S. in history

Chris was also unhappy that NBC reporter Hallie Jackson didn’t go harder on calling out Pence for openly backing up his boss’ lies. “Also, this line of questioning was way too soft. The volume of misinformation coming out of the White House is staggering. Without hard questioning when given the chance, the lying becomes normalized. American journalists need to find their courage,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet.

The Today Show released the clip with Jackson asking Pence, “Which former presidents told President Trump, as he said, that he should’ve built a wall? All their representatives have denied that that was the case.” The Vice President responded, “I know the President has said that that was his impression from previous administrations, from previous presidents,” while seeming to stumble with his answer. For a deeply religious guy, he must know lying is a sin.

He then went on to perpetuate the incorrect perception that past presidents had wished they’d done what Trump is hoping to accomplish. “I know I’ve seen clips of previous presidents talking about the importance of border security, the importance of addressing the issue of illegal immigration….Honestly, the American people want us to address this issue.” Umm, that is NOT the same thing as former presidents saying they wished they’d built multibillion dollar 2,000 mile long border wall.

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