Chipotle manager assaulted on camera, fired days later

Chipotle manager assaulted on camera, fired days later

December 19, 2018

A former Chipotle manager says she was fired six days after she was the victim of an assault captured by the restaurant’s surveillance cameras.

Rebecca Foth posted a video on social media that she claims shows a former employee — who quit the day before — assault her behind the counter of a Kirkwood, Missouri, location.

Foth told the News And Tribune that she was instructing staff to call 911 when she was struck down.

“I knew I was going to get hit,” Foth told KMOV. “I was actually scared.”

Foth added that two patrons “ran out” during the exchange. She claims her neck, shoulders and back suffered severe bruising and the force of the aggression lifted her off the ground into the condiment section.

Kirkwood police confirmed the suspect faces a third-degree assault charge.

Foth was fired six days after the incident. She claimed she had been working 90-hour weeks for three months and confessed that a telephone call with her supervisor after the assault went south because “they weren’t calling to check on my wellness.”

“I used profanity toward him, because he was rehiring people that I terminated,” the former manager said.

Foth explained she is seeking compensation for time worked, the assault, related medical bills and the job she lost.

However, a Chipotle spokeswoman said Foth’s firing is not related to the assault.

“We offered the manager support immediately after the event and have followed up to ensure the workers compensation process is underway,” the company said in a statement. “Her departure from Chipotle is not related to this event. The other employee in the video was terminated after the incident.”

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